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The Cocoon season ahead

A look at Cocoon Ibiza's 2014 plans, with input from D'Julz and Ryan Elliott.

Less than two days after the immense Amnesia Opening party, Cocoon returns to the club for its fifteenth season in Ibiza, with an opening party featuring lord and master of all things [Cocoon], Sven Väth, Dixon, Ben Klock, Ilario Alicante and Ryan Elliott (interviewed below). We seriously considered bringing a toothbrush and just camping out in the Terrace between the two parties, but in the end decided it was better to go home to shower and watch Game of Thrones in the interim, plus there may have been the odd legal obstacle to this plan… Regardless of how you do it, make sure you get back to Amnesia for this Cocoon milestone; the launching of a landmark season which we hope will reflect how far Cocoon has come in its sound, look and atmosphere.

Over the years Cocoon has settled into a confident rhythm when it comes to DJ bookings and time slots, and this will continue in season fifteen: long sets for every DJ acts, three all nighters from Sven Väth and one hour live sets from a variety of artists. The Innervisions crew features a lot, in keeping with Sven's recent turn towards more emotional, vocal led techno tracks (emo-tech we're going to call it – spread it!) and this season a new, but very familiar face returns for the long-haul to Cocoon's silken folds – Luciano.

Luciano is back at his old stomping ground where he forged his Ibiza career, taking over one of Amnesia's famous caverns on eight separate dates throughout the Cocoon season with his new concept – Origins. He's bringing a host of guests to spice up the Cocoon roster including French legend D'Julz (interviewed below) but it will also be interesting to see if Luciano's own musical style reflects his new focus on ‘origins' and brings back his Cocoon days of old. Ricardo Villalobos plays fewer dates this season, whilst Richie Hawtin is back for another crowd surfing session on the Terrace.

We had a quick Q&A with D'Julz and Ryan Elliott, who are both stoked to be playing their Cocoon debuts this summer...


Cocoon has been a huge force in techno for 15 years, likewise have you enjoyed a lengthy career involved in both the house and techno scenes. How is it only now that you've come together in what seems like the perfect match?

"I believe things happen when you're ready to receive them. I learned to be patient in this business. I want to thank Luciano for inviting me to play with him on the Cocoon Terrace for his Origins project. Without him I would probably have had to wait a bit longer."

Bass Culture at Rex has also been running for over 15 years - what do you think are the important factors that keep nights like yours and Cocoon strong for so long?

"The key is to remain passionate with what you do. You can't fake it. If you do it for the wrong reasons it wont last.
Also having a strong identity while staying open-minded towards novelty is important. You can't repeat yourself too much but you need to handle changes carefully."

How do you feel Cocoon is perceived on the island, and what draws you to the party personally?

"I remember when I used to go there 15 years ago after Circoloco. These two Monday parties were basically the only ones where you could hear underground music on the island. It's funny to see how today all the clubs followed their foot steps .It's a great thing that good music became more popular. Let's all be careful that it stays that way!"

VIDEO | At the end of the 2013 season we took a look behind the scenes at Cocoon Ibiza to find out what makes the party so special - the team. The family.

Ryan Elliott:

You've such a strong career in other parts of the world, why have you waited until now to really crack the White Isle scene?

"I first played DC10 seven years ago, and came once a year for a few years after that to play for them, so I came a little bit before now, but it's only recently that I've been playing multiple times a season. I love playing in Ibiza, people are so up for a good party and I find that very motivating. I always leave with a huge smile on my face."

You play the main room at Cocoon opening this Monday, the first party of its 15th season. How do you feel Cocoon is perceived on the island? And what draws you to this party personally?

"Cocoon at Amnesia is an institution on the island. Sven was the first to bring quality house and techno to Ibiza, and that really shows in his parties. They've been doing it for so long, they have all the little details figured out, and that only comes with experience. When I first started playing DC10 in 2007, I would always go to Amnesia after DC10. I just loved being in that atmosphere. I'm extremely excited to finally be playing."

The nightlife scenes that you've called home, in Detroit and now Berlin, are pretty bare basics industrial techno sort of areas; ‘rough around the edges' - as you've put it - and the music scene reflects that. Does the multicultural Ibiza crowd, with its sunny, holiday atmosphere, react differently to your music?

"As I mentioned in the previous question, the people that come out in Ibiza are so up for a good party, that I find it really easy to communicate my sound there. I try to play quality house and techno presented in the correct way. I always feel very free to play whatever I want there. I've never felt that I've had to play “crowd pleasers” or anything like that."

I read that you're a big one for organisation and planning – how do you balance that with spontaneity in your DJ sets?

"I try to be as organised as possible with my music before I play, but then I try to be as spontaneous as possible once I'm in the DJ booth. I've found that if you prepare correctly before a show you can really have fun while you play and having fun usually is when you play the best."

When you look out at the crowd during your set in Amnesia this Monday, what do you hope to see?

"I hope to see a PACKED Amnesia totally freaking out over my records!!"

After 15 years, Cocoon is now one of many parties offering a similar techno sound in Ibiza… but there's more to a good party than the right DJs. Cocoon has history, family, Cocoon stays true to its original ethos, respects the art of DJing and is led by the best character in dance music – Papa Sven. See you at the opening (and the afters!).

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