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Podcast: SPTL186: Anna Wall

Some delicious disco beats to warm up the winter months.

The Mix

Where and how was the mix recorded?

"I've been based in London over the winter staying with some lovely friends of mine; this was conjured up one freezing cold evening not long after our boiler exploded, with the intention of warming the place up a bit. I put it together using Ableton much like I do for pre-record radio shows and podcasts."

Can you talk us through the track selection? What are the musical influences that have allowed you to arrive at this mix?

"This mix was a lot of fun for me! I wanted to do something a bit different so went for digging out some classic disco tracks and re-edits and such. Diana Ross, Isley Brothers, Chic, Gwen Guthrie, Womack & Womack have all found a home somewhere here. I feel like sometimes it's too easy for DJs get caught up in the world of one genre too much, I think it's important to have a bit of versatility in what you do and also sometimes not take it so seriously!"

In what environment is the podcast best enjoyed?

"I wanted to create a bit of a feel-good vibe with this one, so hopefully it will be a fun listen anywhere you please. If it's still kicking around in the summer, I'd love it to be the soundtrack to a lazy day down at Aguas Blancas in Ibiza. I have some great memories from that beach so look forward to paying it a visit again at some point!"

The Plug

You've just mixed a new compilation for Needwant Records, Traxx Volume 2...can you give us the low down on what that's all about?

"This was my first adventure into compiling, so it was an interesting project for me – plus it was a great opportunity to A&R some tracks and artists that I've been keeping my ears on lately. It's rooted in 90s house but with young and current artists we felt have have been leaders of the revival. We're getting the 4-track vinyl sampler pressed, so the full mix should be available sometime in March."

You've been in the studio of late, is there some new music on the horizon?

"Winter is a good time to hibernate and get stuff done, so I've been attempting to behave myself and keep my head down really. I've just finished a remix as part of a collabo project with my friend Tom to be released on Tough Luck later this year, we're looking forward to that. I've also had the pleasure of getting my old flatmate into the studio to record some vocals for me, she's amazing and never had the confidence to do it back then. It's a tune we started about 3 years ago, but I've gone back to it and it's now got a really slow, dubby Smoke City feel to it. This year is all about finishing things."

How has the production side of your music been going lately?

"Well it's not my day job but it's something I love to delve into in my spare time. It's a bit of a get-away for me and I taught myself so it's been great working with people and soaking up a lot from more experienced producers around me lately."

You've been a regular about Ibiza in recent years, what kept you busy on the island? Will you be back again this coming season?

"I'd been flying out to the island quite a bit before I decided to move there. I was a resident for Future Disco at Space, as part of Carl Cox's The Revolution Unites and working for online radio station Digitally Imported. I was always keeping myself busy with projects of various kinds; from event reviews for online publications to live shows on Ibiza Sonica. I love it's unpredictability, I've had some wild and wonderful experiences there and have met people I would consider friends for life now. At the moment London has presented some exciting prospects for me so it looks like I may be rooted here - but there's something about that island that is strangely addictive and draws you back. If I don't move back this year, it will definitely be getting a visit or 3."

Lastly, imagine you have some time off on Ibiza. What's your ideal adventure...

"Well in the height of the season the days of relax are sometimes few and far between – but when I got them, I always found myself wanting to go on a bit of a mission; there's still lots of the island I've never seen before. This could be anything from birthday parties on a bus in the mountains to spontaneous 4 day boat adventures out at sea."


Ask any well-known DJ, artist or producer the secret of their success and chances are that hard work will be pretty high up their list of essentials. Anyone who knows Anna Wall will know that this is one of the many characteristics that defines her, and now, after years of working her way up the underground ranks, it looks as if years of graft are starting to pay dividends....
Since first getting to grips with decks at the age of 19, Anna has developed a reputation in her native London and university town of Newcastle. Playing classic and contemporary house and deep detroit techno with a strong affinity with the roots of both, Anna's broad knowledge of the history of dance music sets her apart from the hundreds of unimaginative, chart-championing DJs that plague the scene.

Anna has been booked alongside some of the world's most respected DJ talents, with the last few years seeing her DJ in the impressive company of MK, Robert Owens, Norman Jay, Maya Jane Coles, Inland Knights, Soul Clap, Matthias Kaden, the list goes on...

Anna played for one of Mixmag's first ever DJ Lab's on location at their penthouse in Miami alongside techno pioneer Kevin Saunderson and Miami's own Treasure Fingers; an achievement in its own right and one about which she is extremely proud.

Anna spent her last two summers in Ibiza, playing clubs such as the world famous Space Ibiza for Future Disco alongside Carl Cox's The Revolution Unites, plus trips away to play Watergate in Berlin, Secret Garden Party and Snowbombing Festival. Amongst various collaborations her first solo EP is finally complete; be sure to keep your eyes and ears on this lady...

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