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HEART Ibiza opens

A new Balearic chamber opens, setting the scene for a hedonistic devouring.

Hedonists seeking to channel their sensory appetites are being lured thorough the vessels of a fresh Balearic chamber with the launch of an arts and entertainment hub to see you from sunset through to the dark hours. HEART Ibiza, a creative experience which fuses gastronomy, live performance art, and world class live bands and electronic music is set to put feasts for the mind and the soul on the menu.

The visionaries at the helm of its conception are one of Spain's most prized chefs, Ferran Adrià, his brother Albert, and worldwide artistic entertainment powerhouse, Cirque du Soleil. Their intelligently devised format invites you to enjoy the open-air terrace and savour innovative street food from bohemian culinary scenes from the world over, settle in the atmospheric supper room for a culinary affair with a collision of downtempo art and performance, and come together in the HEART Ibiza club space which is playing host to a full-on summer schedule including performances from Duran Duran, Bob Moses, Nils Frahm, George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic and The Orb, and parties with Sven Väth, Guy Gerber and Audiofly – to name a very select few.

International galleries, Ventana Contemporary Ibiza and Art Projects Ibiza will curate the artworks that will be showcased. The works from the likes of revolutionary versatile artist Takashi Murakami and Miguel Chevalier - one who is considered a pioneer of digital art with his use of virtual reality installations and interactive 3D generative art. In a partnership with Cirque du Soleil which epitomises the spirit of creativity and imagination, the artistic offer wouldn't be complete without its very own body painters, urban dancers, muses, mural painters and contemporary choreographers, all emblazoned with the most amazing design and costumes.

For many people Ibiza is a pleasure-dome of fun, leisure and free-spiritedness. These values are at the centermost core of HEART Ibiza, positioning it as being a thriving living space which will serve to remind us that each of our senses bleed into each other muddying their boundaries in a uniquely unifying form.

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