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Top 10 releases: August 2015

August delivers.

Four Tet 'KH - Back2TheStart' / free download / 5th August

Four Tet fans have had a very good month, with three track releases from the gentle genius (check out his remix of CHVRCHES and new release under Percussions alias), one of which is a tasty free download. All three surprise releases (Hebden doesn't preview, premiere or press release) are worthy of a slot in this line-up, but I've only listed one in order to keep expressions of excessive Kieren Hebden fandom in check, at least in the public eye. Furthermore, Lego features in the thumbnail pic. So much win.

Humans & Machines 'Angst' / Fly Boy Records / 10th August

Whilst warm, fluffy grooves is what I'm usually feeling this summer, there's always room for something dark and deadly. Fledgling Bristol label Fly Boy provides, with the second release from the label a squelching, driving acid session that would do serious peak time dance floor damage.

Jynx 'Mean Look' / Tricks / 2nd August

Youthful London duo Jynx are on the way up, with their nostalgic melodies beefed with powerful bass and crisp percussion. All three tracks on the 'Raindance' EP are worth a listen, but it's the womping/walking brassy bassline of Mean Look (reminds me of Walking With Elephants by He Who Must Not Be Named) which draws you back for repeat plays.

Kool D 'Casablanca Sessions' / Tuskegee Music / 24th August

A year and a half years young, label project Tuskegee Music is a collaboration between house heroes Seth Troxler and The Martinez Brothers designed to be a 'label of cultural heritage'. Casablanca Sessions moves through with a dubby kick and tom pattern interjected with sporadic African vocals that keep the tune rolling and rhythmic and the energy high.

Kelpe 'Doubles of Everything' / DRUT Recordings / 28th August

Doubles Of Everything features a subtle, slow and determined build up, true to its name, doubling up on synth stabs to create a swirling, echoing yet deliberate climax. The sudden drop from peaceful chimes to a grizzly, grinding bass line keeps listeners on their toes, plus the album artwork is lovely. Kelpe is now on my radar.

Paul Kalkbrenner 'Cyclence 412' / Sony Music / 7th August

Earlier this month Berlin export Paul Kalkbrenner released his latest longplayer and, whilst there are few surprises, the album has a whole host of tracks I could have plucked for this collection. Cylence features the usual melodic chugging and swirling, with a great little whistle introduced towards the end. Paul Kalkbrenner still has yet to show us another play since 'Berlin Calling'; fortunatey, the old sound has life in it yet.

World Champion 'Avocado Galaxy' / Future Classic / 28th August

A rose by any other name would still smell as sweet but it can't hurt to call your track Avocado Galaxy just in case. As an ardent admirer of avocados and a permanent resident of our galaxy, this World Machine release instantly caught my eye, and fortunately the cosmic laced, upbeat indie audio also lived up to the ears. As usual, Future Classic brings the happy summer jams.

Bob Moses 'Too Much Is Never Enough' / Domino Recordings / 3rd August

Bob Moses continues to provide the world with mildly melancholy chillout tunes with just enough beat to get you to sway. Silky male vocals and mournful peels of sliding guitar remind me of the Chris Isaac kind of smooth and sultry angst, the single a taste of the forthcoming Bob Moses album Days Gone By, out in September.

Art of Tones ft. Laetitia Dana 'Don't Need No More' / Futureboogie / 21st August

Futureboogie can always be counted upon to bring the funk. Laetitia Dana sings with grace and power whilst a brass band stabs phrases to a close and a determinedly funky guitar and bass line struts its way through the groove.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis 'Downtown' / Macklemore LLC / 24th August

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis can rub me up the wrong way sometimes, but this latest release (after a prolonged period of quiet) hits the spot, with its old school references and sharp punches. As usual, the clip is baller, keeping group choreography in music videos alive, one crotch grab at a time.

WORDS | Jordan Smith

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