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Review: Fuse at Benimussa Park, 25th August

Fuse at Benimussa Park, the stuff wet dreams are made of!

Walking into Benimussa Park I'm instantly reminded why I love the place; wide open spaces, lots of different nooks and crannies to cosy into, and a warm friendly feeling amongst locals, season workers and the Fuse following. Tuesday night was dedicated to a true Fuse takeover with Archie Hamilton, Rossko, Seb Zito, Guti (live) and Enzo Siragusa to take us on a musical journey through the dark realms of Fuse.

Queueing up to the frontlines I'm immediately swept up in a flurry of "hellos" and "how are yous" by colleagues and friends, not uncommon for Fuse as Fuse and their following form quite a close knit family which has always been one of their strengths – as well as their relentlessly on point music selection and productions - stuff that wet dreams are made of. Navigating our way through the maze that is Benimussa, Seb Zito is absolutely killing it in the Treehouse stage, even though the sun has barely begun to set, and the crowd has yet to really get going. He leaves little room for doubt that it's going to be one hell of a sunset rave.

Deciding to ease into things with a quick chupito of hierbas and a shandi, we go and explore the terrain that will function as our playground for the rest of the evening. Lounging by the pool are a group of English lads and lasses with hipster shades and dotted around are the surprisingly popular fisherman´s bucket hats which have slowly but surely been creeping in on the scene. To ease the last of the remaining Ibiza heat we paddle our feet and bob our heads to the music in sync. When we return to the Treehouse, we are mesmerized by the colourful lighting dotted around the trees that complement the wilderness of Benimussa as well as the warm Mediterranean beats that are flowing out of the speakers by Fuse master Guti, who is effortlessly tweaking his live sets to the moods and nuances of the now steadily filling dance floor.

We head to the epicentre of the dancing mass and join them in their sweaty session of aerobic dance moves, shaking away to the beats that are hitting us left right and centre, man do I love Guti. I look behind me and see that every inch of danceable space is taken and used in the most professional way. All too soon it´s time to applaud and say goodbye to Guti and give a warm welcome to label boss Enzo Siragusa, and from that moment my body and my limbs are swept away. The crowd is just one synchronized mass of movement from the minute that Enzo takes over and, judging by the steadily filling booth, the girls have just clocked on that they are being filmed live for Be-At.TV.

As track after track flies by I realise I'm rinsing my telephone battery by Shazaming every other song, only to realize that a lot of the tracks being played are unreleased works by Enzo as well as by Guti. Secret gems that they can pull out whenever they please and which makes these Fuse events so special. The music at Fuse is everything you need it to be: bassy, deep, tropical, bouncy, subtle and at times even fierce and having it at the unique open air location of Benimussa just makes it picture perfect. We take a break to the back bar and continue on our hierbas filled journey and even run into Guti and his lady who, just like us, are hopping on the chupito train. A few shots later and we tumble back to the dance floor because all too soon the night is going to come to an end. We dance, we laugh, we laugh some more and then give an all or nothing performance as Enzo comes to his last track and all hands shoot up into the sky under the warm glow of light cast around us. Cat calls and wolf whistles and nothing but love for this man!

Wanting more fusings? The party takes over tINI and the Gang on Wednesday the 2nd of September at Lips!

WORDS | Maya Dupont PHOTOGRAPHY | Justin Gardner

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