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Review: Colada Club at Ibiza Rocks, 18th August

Piña coladas and getting caught in the rain.

Ibiza Rock's 10th anniversary year has seen the inception of the hotel's own pool party for an opportunity to make a splash in the pool and mingle with hotel guests and visitors alike. Every day is more or less a pool party at Ibiza Rocks, but Tuesdays in 2015 sees them introduce huge double bed sun loungers to spread out on and turf grass (yay a different texture to feel, your feet are thinking). Colada Club is the name given to the experience, therefore it felt only right to make the most of the cocktail list on offer and grab a piña colada once inside. With an average price on said list at €8, it's more than friendly to wallets in Ibiza terms, and there's a food menu to nose at and be tempted by.

The mood inside was rather relaxed, most deciding to kick back with a drink on a sunbed lining the pool, making the most of the sunrays, or give a float across the water on an inflatable a go. Lxury had injected glittery tunes to soundtrack the daytime gathering around the pool, a setting well suited to his tamer style of dance. J.A.W.S projected the producer into people's radars well over a year ago, and people were enjoying the layered offbeats to his latest offering, a remix of Alunageorge's You Know You Like It.

After that, maintaining the tunes was Joe Hertz bringing admirable skills on the mixer and music on par with the most on it house nights. The club edit of Romare – Rainbow was certainly fit for a pool party, while Detroit Swindle's track The Break Up, featuring powerful and playful vocal work, still does its thing two years after release. The dense bass which rolls in on Joy Orbison's BRTHDTT is something I'd recognise anywhere in any state, the spoken word sample and UK funky clattering drums that follow got those on the ground or balconies moving.

Next I felt a rain splatter on my head, which is all well and good if you like piña coladas and getting caught in the rain I guess. Björk's oldie but goldie Big Time Sensuality sounded out though and all was forgiven. Despite the slightly slacking weather, the concoction of house and disco went down smoothly and was enjoyed either chilled out or dancing with flamingos dotted about for company.

WORDS | Emma Gillett

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