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Noah's Ark ocean bound in 2016

Roam the sea and the magic of Es Vedra with The Zoo Project's official pre-boat party.

The animalistic behaviour that roars throughout Benimussa Park every Saturday will be leaving earthy terrain with Noah's Ark pre-party at sea. The Zoo Project's official pre-party will taking you off the coast of Ibiza to explore the mystical island of Es Vedra from 4th June until 24th September 2016.

Es Vedra's legend runs deep on the island, so to start your Zoo experience soaking up its magic properties while you bask in the sun across the ocean with the party's underground sound, is nothing short of truly unique. If encouragement to engage with your spiritual animal is needed, Zoo's performance crew will be beckoning your inner beast with tribal dance performances while Zoo staff quench your thirst with complimentary drinks and finger food to paw at.

You'll be released back onto land at 18:00 after three hours at sea and from here you'll get a free lift to The Zoo Project at Benimussa Park in the Benimussa hills, only 10 minutes away from San Antonio. This underground electronic music event has grown into a mini-festival over the years and as 2016 is its tenth birthday, you can guarantee that the ante will be upped. It runs on until midnight, often with secret afterparties taking you through to the early hours to continue the predatory behaviour.

Noah's Ark gives you the full Zoo experience and right now you can get that in the bag with early bird tickets which are currently €55 for the pre-party and The Zoo Project entry. We've given you the dates and we know you'll be convinced that this one's a real catch, so get in there quick sharp and start preparing those animal furs.

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