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Podcast: SPTL198: Kamma

A cosmic journey through the grand halls of music from one of Amsterdam's tastemakers.

The Mix

Where and how was the mix recorded?

"The recording was a live session in my studio in Volkshotel in Amsterdam, with 2 CJDs, 2 Technics and a Rotary mixer (DJR e&s 400)."

Talk us through the track selection of the podcast. What are the musical influences that have you to arrive at this mix?

"My musical influences came in the first place from my parents. They were both DJs for a living and they played music in clubs from jazz, soul, funk, disco to house. As a child and a teenager I listened to their music and I started digging beyond. Through the years I developed my own sound and I became more interested in the crossovers of electronic music.

"Currently my sound is I think best describeD as organic, cosmic and rhythmic. I don't feel bound to one specific genre. I love percussions, dreamy vocals, space synths and deep baselines.

In this mix I played tracks that touches me and makes me in a way ecstatic. I selected tracks from my favourite producers that influence me the most. I'm talking about masters like Ron Trent, Larry Heard, Underground Resistance, Joe Claussell, Kuniyuki Takahashi and Henrik Schwarz."

In what setting is the mix best enjoyed?

"This mix is for people who want to listen with attention to music, preferable on a proper sound system or a nice pair of headphones. It can be at any time of the day, as long as you have the time to experience a musical journey."

The Plug

Give us a run down of your schedule as a DJ at the moment...

"I started DJing in clubs 1.5 year ago. From that moment everything went really fast. People seem to like my style and story, so I was blessed to get some great chances to show what I got. For instance I got invited to play in Liverpool with Osunlade and Djs from Husle & Suncebeat! Besides, last summer I got a residency in Ibiza at La Escollera and Cova Santa, and I played twice at Amnesia!

"At the moment I play weekly in various places in Amsterdam. Besides that I'm digging a lot, developing my skills and I've started producing.

"For 2016 I'm hoping there might come some cool gigs in other places..."

You're getting your feet wet in the producing world right now, right?

"Since I finished my Bachelor Degree in Medicine last year, I started a self-study about music, sounds and producing. At the moment I'm studying a lot and I'm just playing around with my MPC and my Roland Aira synthesizer. I learn a lot from my friend Masalo who I share the same musical vision with. He has incredible skills! In the first part of this mixtape I played one of his unreleased gems."

Tell us about your other project - 'Brighter Days'.

"Three years ago my friends and I started organising small underground parties in Amsterdam. We work under the name Brighter Days. It all started with the idea to get my father back in the DJ scene after his 20 years of absence. He has a huge record collection and it would be a crime not showing that and his DJ skills to the current scene.

"The vibe at our parties is amazing. Besides DJs who play true dance music with passion, it's a gathering for people of all kinds to connect and let loose. We've worked with artists like Osunlade, Karizma, K-Alexi, Tyree Cooper Jamie 326 and Ge-ology. It's so wonderful to work together with lovely friends and family, meet great artists and share the love for deep spiritual dance music."

Finally, imagine you have some time off on the island. Where would you go? What would you do?

"Discovering Ibiza's nature! Looking for hidden beaches and enchanted forests. And I would visit the lovely family and staff of La Escollera and enjoy a delicious dinner!"

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