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Secret Life at Pikes Ibiza this Friday

Round two with the Secret Life crew to kick off the weekend

Secret Life came and it conquered at Pikes Hotel for its big opening and it's nearly that time again as we've got a second showdown incoming this Friday 19 August.

Now in its third year running, things are sweet with the Secret Life crew down thanks to their ethos of rounding up DJs you won't have the pleasure of seeing anywhere else on the island. This Friday will see co-hosts, International Feel Records, stand tall alongside a solid line-up of Balearic selectors. The party's curators, Pete Gooding and Phil Dockerty, have invited Wolf Moller, Mark Barrot, Chris Coco, Rune Lindbaek, Chuggy, Nicka and Robot 84 for what's set to be a feel-good fiesta that'll set you well and truly on your merry way into the weekend.

After Friday's big bash, we've only one more left in September, so make sure this one is at the top of the pack this week. Find more info and details on how to get yourselves on the list here.

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