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WooMoon closing party date announced

WooMoon switches to Friday for a full moon fiesta

Wednesdays are usually dedicated to all things WooMoon, but for the party's much anticipated closing fiesta, all the action is set to move to Friday. This isn't due to the fact that Friday is globally known as a day that's made for festivities, but because something very special is happening in outer space that's too unique to ignore...

Next Friday 16 September, we bid goodbye to what has been a wonderful season in the grounds of Cova Santa. WooMoon, known for its spiritual focus, will move to Friday in order to coincide with the last lunar eclipse of the year - an unmissable event.

And, in keeping with the party's free-spirited ethos, the WooMoon family has announced that all of the closing party profits will be donated to a range of Ibiza charities, by way of thanks for what has been a memorable first year on the White Isle. Those set to gain include:

Juntos: This Ibiza based association works to provide non-medical assistance to children from 0-18 years battling cancer and their families, accompanying them throughout the disease process from diagnosis to post-treatment.

APNEEF: Association of People with Special Needs of Ibiza and Formentera serving over 150 families in Ibiza and Formentera for children with disabilities; whether physical, mental, sensory or rare diseases.

Circolar (Weaving A Dream): Circolar is an educational project that aims to bring the circus to all inhabitants of the island of Ibiza. For the season 2016/2017 they are preparing a scholarship program with workshops and the acquisition of a circus tent to house all these activities.

So, by attending, not only can you expect a magical, mystical time, you'll also be doing your bit for the island. Keep your eyes open for more announcements regarding the closing party, it's set to be an unforgettable one.

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