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Circo Loco and DC10 Opening 2011

Opening date confirmation for Circo Loco and DC10 in 2011.

After a special New Year's Day session at DC10, the first for a few years in fact, we're glad the Circo Loco crew are straight on it with confirmation of their opening party for this year.

This will take place on Monday 30th May 2011 from midday to commence a fresh season of Circo Loco New Era-ness (or should that be eeriness).

Circo Loco will surely continue weekly after the 30th May and DC10 will also no doubt feature parties on Wednesday and Friday like 2010, as well as some special one-offs to be announced soon.

Tickets on sale as soon as we can physically make it happen!

Not that we need an excuse, but our fantastic video of 2010's closing party should whet the appetite a bit.

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