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Ibiza Island People: Oscar Casu (Shardana)

New series tracing the stories and lives of some of the people who make the island tick. We begin with Oscar Casu from Shardana.

Where are you from originally?

Ciao Spotlight! I originally come from Sardinia, a beautiful island of Italy that is best know to be the pearl of Mediterranean sea, where I was born 35 years ago.

When did you first come to Ibiza?

I won't forget that it was middle of June of the summer of 1996. I was in London that winter and I met a friend there that was usually spending the summer season over here. He offered me to come down with him and with a little patience, he told me that I could find some job to pay me for the season there and have a great time. He convinced me.

What did you do the first years you were in ibiza? What do most people know you for in Ibiza?

The first impact with the island was not easy, my Spanish was nothing and my English even worse. I remember it was hard to find some job and after my first two weeks I wanted to go back home, but that didn't happen and after 16 years I'm still here, convinced that this is my home now. I have to say thanks for this to Rossano (Made in Italy promoter), he's been one of the first people that I met in the island and he gave me the opportunity to work with them, at that time at Pacha. I started flyering and postering for them for my first three summers here, which gave me my best memories of the island...pocket always empty but always great moments. There was not one sunday session at Space that I missed at that time, no super star djs but a vibe that you can't find anywhere anymore; the people were the party!

The sorely missed and legendary steps of Noctambula Bar

In the summer of 1999 i started Noctambula with my business friend Manu-L; a music bar located in the old port that quickly became quite famous by the clubbing crew and promoters and djs. The DJ booth of Noctambula has been a laboratory of new DJ talent; Locodice, the Romanian duo Rhadoo and Pedro, Dan Ghenacia, Dyed Soundorom, Jame Jones and Andrew Grant. They are all good friends of ours and they all took their first steps on the island playng some gigs there before becoming what they are now. It makes me very proud about this, watching them now playing in front of 4000 people in the best club's of the world. We did 10 years of Noctambula and after that, I think, to do the right things at the right moment, it was time to change. In the summer of 2009 I started the new project....Shardana.

Tell us about Shardana?

Shardana is a project born in the summer of 2009, I joined forces with my brother Loris and Yohann, who are my partners in this. The place is located in Playa d'en Bossa and I agree that maybe it is not to easy to find but this makes this place more special and making people think they are in a secret place. Our concept is to try to create a place where people can relax and enjoy a nice dinner in our terrace or just chilling around the swimming pool, drinking some cocktails and listening some fresh music played by our local heroes. The restaurant offers you a taste of Mediterrenean and Italian flavours with a beautiful BBQ always on fire with nice fish or meat. Inside we have a nice cocktail music bar where every day we will offer nice DJ sets played by some locals talents and keep always attention for some unannounced special DJ sets. Downstairs there is an art laboratory that we will be trasformed into an art gallery during the summer season, where the German artist Arno Jung will take a residence showing up all his works to the arts lovers.

Shardana Entrance (top) and Inside (bottom)

Tell us about the party you do every Friday at Shardana?

Friday night at Shardana have become very popular amongst the local people. APERITIVE IN MUSIC is a melting pot of food and music and we try to offer what is properly a real aperitive in Italy. Perhaps easiet to explain that we offer a proper dinner buffet that is completely free, we start with starters and we finish with a dessert and people only pay for the drinks. In the winter this works well, as we always give loads of attention to the music - an electronic policy - this is our way and I think we've done very well in this, it's not easy in the winter time to bring people out. But quality always help, loads of others places tried to copy the formula after our success, but I'm afraid without the same results.

A lot of people will know you and recognise you from DC10. You've been involved since the beginning? Tell us a bit about how you got involved and the early days?

Ahhh....I've been involved at DC10 as a clubber since the beginning. For me, it's still the only authentic club of the island, the only place where you can still feel the vibe...after 11 years (Circoloco first parties at DC10 started in 1999). DC10 is still the place and CIRCOLOCO is still the party, I grew up with it! It was amazing every Monday to be there and see how the place was changing so quickly and for the better. Everyone was part of the party, there were no posters, just some flyers and I remember, the voice of the people was the key of the party. I think in the first 5 years, I didn't miss one Monday.

Andrea and Antonio were there at the right moment, DC10 was a hedonist place, no vip area or nothing and all these things made this place special at that time I think. After a long service as a clubber, 3 years ago Andrea and Antonio (two of my oldiest and dearest friend in the island) gave me the opportunity to work with them. For me, given that I grew up there, it was great, so at the moment my job consists of making sure all the friends of Circoloco feel comfortable. I take care of the DJs in the booth and I try to do my best with our best friends and customers in the backdoor (if you want, you could call it a VIP area). It can be a stress to do this sometimes but i also have the opportunity to meet old friends and new interested people, so I really like it.

Tell us who your unsung hero of the island is?

Zgy-Om, a man inspired by the spirit of the island and made Ibiza his home for decades. All of us who have met Zgy will agree, the man has been a example of tolerance, kindess and wisdom. For me he's exactly the kind of person that make this island so rich in a spiritual way, very far from the new concepts that have showed up on the island in these last couples of years.

Zgy gone at 77 years old, already 6 years ago, but in his way....raving and we will never forget him and he will always be with us.

Zgy-Om (thanks to Dub and phrank for re-use of photos)

Anything else you want to add or say?

I want to say thanks to Ibiza Spotlight for the space that they let me have here and I want to invite everybody to Shardana this summer to taste our beautiful dishes. We're hoping for a great summer!

I also have a dream maybe to see again soon on the island, after-hours legal again. I think it's something that's been missing too long now. Thanks, Oscar.

More info (in construction)
Shardana Restaurant Lounge Bar - Facebook

Tel: 00 34 971306784 Address: Calle Argelagues 18, Playa d'en Bossa

Opening times: Summer: Mon-Sun Bar noon-3am, Dinner 8 pm-1.30am a la carte. Nov-May: Fri 8pm-3 am (Aperitive in Music)

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