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Rutapa - tapas trail in Santa Eulalia

Bars and restaurants offering a tapa or snack plus a wine, beer or soft drink for only 2,5€.

Every Freitag from 29 Nov 2019 until 20 Dez 2019
Ab: 19:00

Wo: Santa Eulalia, Ibiza

With many local restaurants open all year round, Rutapa is a fantastic platform to showcase Santa Eulalia's restaurants in the centre of gastronomy on Ibiza.

Fifteen restaurants in total are taking part including Bacaro, Bar Juanito, Can Cosmi, Es Celleret, Grill Sa Brasa, Hamburguesería Lina, Jambo, Kathmandu, Lamonda, La Gloria, Royalty, Sal i Reïm, Tape-Arte, Tomate Rojo y Xtu.

Roll up, rock up and have a great Friday feed with Rutapa.

Read our news article about last year's event here.

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