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To Be Mindful Walks

During the 2 hours of Mindful Walking Belinda M Clarke The Midlife Mentor will also lead you through a variety of guided meditations, moments of silence, elemental and sensory awareness.

Every Dienstag from 1 Jan 2019 until 31 Dez 2019
Ab: 11:00

NEW at Walking Ibiza: To Be Mindful Walks bring together the popular practice of Mindfulness with the activity of Walking, creating an enjoyable experience of awareness with a focused mind whilst being in the present moment without judgement and walking in beautiful nature.

The health benefits of this combined practice range from stress, pain and anxiety relief through to improved sleep, fitness and better life satisfaction.

The walks are by donation of 10€ per person, the Big Walks are by donation of 15€ per person. It's important for us that the walks are accessible to all and if you are on a very tight budget then we also except exchanges like some nice chocolate, something home made or a hug!

More info on Walking Ibiza website.

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