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Indian Sunday at Kumharas

Forget the madness of the crowd and enjoy at Kumharas a wonderful day.


Every Sonntag from 1 Jul 2019 until 1 Sep 2019
Ab: 08:30

Wo: Kumharas, San Antonio Bucht, Ibiza

Indian Sunday Special event is back! Join them from 08:30 and follow the good vibes! They've got a nice relaxing schedule for you. Or if you just prefer to chill you can enjoy a nice healthy breakfast.

You can also enjoy: massages, therapies and breakfasts.

All workshops are free, as well as the entrance. Donations are welcome.

More info on Facebook page of Kumharas.

Bitte sendet uns die Daten zu eurem Event und wir nehmen es umsonst mit auf: Veranstaltung eintragen lassen