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Why Pilates? In a very frank review our writer admitted 'The sooner, the better!'


Have you heard your inner voice say "I'll start tomorrow" and then always find a good excuse not to get going when tomorrow comes ?

Precisely what I had been saying for the last 8 years, ever since I had children. I now bless the day when I was granted the opportunity to test Ibiza Pilates. It has changed my day to day life and made me a happier person. Ask my friends & family!

Ibiza Pilates - Mat work with Jacky Croad

I did an intense two week course - six 1 hour classes with Jacky Croad, a fully trained Body Control Pilates master. Reality bit during our first encounter when I thought I looked fine (with clothes on) but actually learned that my spine is starting to fold down (gradual aging, oh no!), my knees bend inwardly and my muscles are in desperate need of toning and stretching. So with that major wake-up call and Jacky's encouragement and explanations - indeed if she could get her body into that shape, why can't I ? - after the first lesson she had already motivated me so much that I started to think Pilates.

Ibiza Pilates - stretching with Jacky Croad

In the next lessons Jacky showed me how to breathe, hold my body (posture), how to move it without damaging it and how to stretch and exercise it without moving off my mat. With a few more tips on how to exercise whilst driving the car or how to stretch whilst listening to the kids' stories, I even started reading a book on Pilates. I am very impressed. Not only is the story of Mr Joseph Pilates fascinating - as a child he suffered from asthma and rheumatic fever, but determined to overcome his weakness he dedicated his entire life to strengthening his physical condition, and as a prisoner of war refined and taught his minimal equipment system of mat exercises, thanks to which his inmates survived the 1918 flu pandemic - it also has a positive effect on our whole well- being.

Ibiza Pilates - flexing with Jacky Croad

Every muscle movement is controlled, done slowly. My mind is free of any other thoughts whilst I stretch, do my roll-downs, curl-ups etc. always breathing and making sure my spine is aligned correctly. I now really believe I am capable of achieving much more with my body than ever before.

After the two weeks with Jacky, I continue to do less intense training, rather regular shorter sessions within my private walls and garden. I go to bed earlier, I am laughing more, I am more detached from my kids "scenes" and can cope better under stress, my sex life has improved - to the delight of my husband - and I have started a new relationship with my body - more caring, more enthusiastic about it - now that I can feel and see the changes. My bottom, tummy and leg muscles are starting to come alive!

Ibiza Pilates - spinal work with Jacky Croad

For my mother's 72nd birthday I gave her a gift voucher with 5 private classes. She hadn't dared to go to a class at her age - "with all the young ones" - so receiving individual classes working on her aches and pains, has built up her confidence, and encouraged her to actually do the exercises Jacky has shown her, at home alone, helping her to gain better balance and coordination again and feel more toned and stronger.

I now recommend Ibiza Pilates to all my friends. Ideally a few private classes to learn about your body first.

Jacky offers one-to-one classes as well as classes for two people at her private studio in Sta Gertrudis where she teaches matwork (from light to hardcore !) and also Pilates on the Reformer machine, or can visit your home or holiday villa and teach a maximum of 7 people. She is a member of the Body Control PIlates Association (BCPA), Europe's largest Pilates organisation.

“If your spine is inflexibly stiff at 30, you are old. If it is completely flexible at 60, you are young.” - Joseph.H.Pilates

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