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Review: Cliff jumping with Rockid Ibiza

With grace, aplomb and maybe a little flailing, we plopped into the sparkling waters one by one...

Usually spread far and wide across the colourful venues, beaches and offices of the island, a nice chunk of the Ibiza Spotlight team and family managed to band together of a weekend in the name of adventure, leaping boldly from great and terrible heights to plunge like arrows through deep waters unknown - with salads and sarnies after of course.

The day was run by Rockid Ibiza, a company which specialises in showing visitors and locals alike how to get the very best out of one's time in Ibiza, using its impressive natural surrounds as entertainment. The main attraction of Spotlight's day out with Rockid was to be cliff jumping; the scene of our epic leaps - a small and secluded cove in Ibiza's south east between Playa d'en Bossa and Salinas.

After a stroll past the old watchtower and a scramble over hill beyond - pausing to take in the sweeping views of Playa d'en Bossa beach behind - we arrived at a beautiful craggy cove shaped like a horse-shoe. Its rocky sides rose in a steady gradient, so everyone could pick a height to jump from in accordance with how badass they were feeling at the time (I was proven medium level badass - certificate of merit incoming). Though Rockid days out are all about adrenalin, safety is paramount, so the team leader Ismael gave us a quick rundown on how best to jump and safely climb out again, testing our technique first at a very small height and assuring us that Rockid divers had explored the entire area to check it was deep enough and appropriate for beginners. Formalities out of the way, it was time to take the plunge…

Turns out no one else yelped when they were airborne, but for me it was automatic (and kind of part of the fun). With a loud and impressive “squeeeeeeee!!!” I shot like a cannonball from the cliff's edge, instantly heading south and dropping with a fat splash into the sea below, also depressingly like a cannonball. Once you pop it's hard to stop so, boosted by the polite applause of my colleagues, I quickly lined myself up for the next highest jumping point. Perhaps not quite the north face of the Eiger, this loftier perch nonetheless felt more imposing than I had imagined, so I dawdled at the top for a while, freaking myself out and ruining my Spotlight street cred. Ismael was really helpful here, giving me a countdown which geared me up for the jump whilst also shaming me out of waiting any longer - and with an almighty squeal I was off again.

After the first few jumpers almost everyone was keen to have a go, and soon enough it was raining Spotlighters as we plummeted one after the other, the more experienced jazzing up the fall with dives and backflips, including a perfectly synchronised flip between Ismael and Spotlight's head of nightlife, Stivi. Even the kids too young to jump got involved, as they and I were placed in charge of official scoring of our peers. It was at this point I made the mistake of scoring the Spotlight company director a 5 out of 10 (which I'm very sorry about - whatever was I thinking? - please keep paying me).

Ravenous from all the falling and adventure and what not, we trekked back over the hill to find a picnic already set up on the beach, complete with tunes, shade and a vegetarian feast provided by the Rockid team. Once sated, we took to the waves again for a short and pleasant cruise on paddleboards, which I've discovered this summer is the only way to travel. Throughout the day the Rockid team had been friendly and attentive, making sure everyone is taken care of no matter age, fitness or daring. This had been a mere sampling of the outdoor activities Rockid provides (some of us had been lucky enough to head out on a cliff jumping, kayaking and fly-boarding session earlier in the year) and you'll find that once you start exploring the potential of Ibiza's outdoors, there simply aren't enough weekends in the year.

WORDS | Jordan Smith PHOTOGRAPHY | James Chapman

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