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Review: Cafe Sidney, Santa Eulalia

Beautiful marina sea views


I had heard good things about Cafe Sidney from one of my Spotlight colleagues, namely their killer BLT, so was anxious to try the place out for myself. Facing the marina in Santa Eulalia, the restaurant gives you some amazing views of the still waters and boats moored up there as you sit in its gently relaxing atmosphere. There's a big outside terrace and always a gentle breeze to cool you down. The tables are a kind of distressed wood and are all prettily adorned with pots of basil, rosemary and lavender plants, giving a small clue of the freshness we were to expect with the food.

All manner of beverages

Daytime is more reserved for breakfasts in the morning and then salads, sandwiches and egg-based dishes. There is an excellent selection of Spanish and Ibiza wines, a fresh juice menu with names like Operation Bikini, Anti Stress and Virus Killer. Their coffee list is extensive, offering some soya milk based coffees for the lactose intolerants amongst us. Coffee is well done here and is roasted in Barcelona; when you see the different types whizzing past, you'll want to go for one of those babies yourself, I promise you.

We were there to sample the more substantial mains that customers choose in the evening. However, those mains are served throughout the day, so if you fancied a big steak for breakfast, it'd be yours. Just about everything is made from scratch here and everything is chopped and prepared when you order, so nothing has been lying around for an age. The exception is the breakfast croissants, which come from a local French baker. Federico the head chef is partly self-taught, having started seven years ago in the kitchen, learning from the chefs there, working his way up and doing lots to hone his skills himself. He's in good company: many of the world's leading restaurants have done it this way.

Big portions of fresh food

Large portions are one of the hallmarks of this place, so you wont leave feeling underfed. Another one is the presentation: the dishes look simply wonderful and invite you to dig in at the earliest opportunity. Living up that that promise, our dishes arrived and were set down. My companion had the tuna steak, lightly seared and topped with cheese, fresh herbs, a timbale of beetroot and potato on the side, with dots of deep crimson beetroot reduction on the plate. It was glossy, thick, perfectly cooked, beautifully tender and, she told me, had reawakened her faith in tuna being properly executed.

For me it was Iberico pork fillet. Many of you will know of the fine belllota ham that comes from the famous Black Iberian pig, which live on a diet of acorns and foliage. I'd never had the fresh meat before, I had heard great things about it and was anxious to sample it. It was served rare, which for some sounds all wrong, but I promise you, you wouldn't want to have it any other way. If a pig has a good diet and lives such a happy life, you don't need to cook it through. The taste is rich, deep and concentrated, a little akin to good quality bacon. I couldn't get enough if it. It was topped with black trompette mushrooms, which themselves have a similar strong flavour and go well with this bit of pork. It was served with freshly cooked green peppers and asparagus and a sauce with a hint of pink peppercorn. The potato was worthy of note: crosshatched and flavoured with garlic, parsley and smoked oil. I'd have taken a box of them home.

A world-beating cheesecake

We finished off our meal with a couple of desserts: a white chocolate cheesecake and mango sorbet with freshly chopped fruit. The cheesecake is a big seller; it's not on the menu, so depends on availability and I urge you to try it if you go; it's rich and purely decadent, with a soft crust and some dark chocolate on top to balance the sweetness of the white. The mango sorbet was like pure frozen mango and perfectly balanced against the fruit. It's another popular bestseller and ideal if you want a nice light end to the meal.

What this place gives you is a great amount of choice at very reasonable prices. Whilst evenings are very busy, they will always find a table for you; the owners are very accommodating and all the staff is very friendly. People come back here year after year and it's not hard to see why. Make sure it's on your list next time you're in town.

Quick Facts

Where? Puerto Deportivo 1 B, Santa Eulalia

When? Easter till October end – 9am – 12.30am

Why? Need I say? Very fresh food, big portions and excellent presentation and all at a good price

Average spend per head? €23 for main and dessert without wine

Veggie Options? Yes and they're all freshly made: stuffed pastas and a vegetable wok plus lots salads

Disabled Facilities? They don't have a disabled toilet; though will give you all the assistance you need

Top tips? That white chocolate cheesecake, plus book ahead in July and August, but remember they will work hard to seat if you just walk in

Room for Improvement? A very easy no

WORDS | Julian Heathcote

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