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A journey to the Afterlife with Tale Of Us

Tale Of Us opening of the season at Hï Ibiza was a transcendence of musical knowledge.

After a monumental season last year, Afterlife returned to a part of the island where it all began. Hï Ibiza is where Italian techno duo Tale Of Us have journeyed their celestial party concept. Judging from the opening party, the whole island seems to be on-board.

The setting was familiar to most. Afterlife started there with its otherworldly music in 2016, but walking into the Theatre of Playa D'en Bossa's newest superclub on this night, it felt entirely reborn. Although the party didn't die at its previous home, at Hï it entered the afterlife.

Moments after stepping off the disco bus, I could feel the energy emanating from the venue. Dixon was bringing it – and then some. It's no surprise why he attracts such a loyal following across the world.

Sporting what could possibly be his funkiest shirt to date, the German DJ master and music innovator cycled through deep house, techno, electronica and sounds only heard on other planets.

With Thomas Schumacher and Victor Ruiz's energetic Apollo, Dixon took the entire Theatre to the moon and back.

Recondite was about to begin a much anticipated live set in the Club, but I physically couldn't peel myself away from what was simply a Dixon masterclass. Matching his shirt, which was a shade of Tour De France yellow, his set was a tour de force of pure ethereal brilliance.

At 3:00, it was time to dive into the realm of consciousness. Tale Of Us were about to begin their third Ibiza season. The lights dimmed, the Afterlife figure descended and the ambience reached a darker depth.

It was an emphatic start. The Berlin-based pair were laying down a space-age melody. Coinciding with the recent release of their Realm Of Consciousness EP on Afterlife Records, Tale Of Us brought some fresh sounds to the dance floor.

Their own Nova was a favourite of the audience. It elevated the atmosphere of a packed-out Theatre.

But the moment of the night was stolen by an unbelievable ABBA sample of SOS from Portishead, remixed by Johannes Brecht. Yes. Seriously. The vocals were slowed, the bass was heavy, and the Afterlife faithful took in every single beat. It was a defining point in the set.

Meanwhile in the Club, Maceo Plex, a dynamic master behind the decks, was at his best. Always engaging, the Mosaic chief was throwing out more shapes than a geometry teacher.

It was an inspired booking as Maceo was bringing yet another shade to the Afterlife sound. Space Dub by Brame & Hamo was a recognised fixture in what was a performance of true eclectic virtuosity.

I left the Club with a pumping heart, euphoric mood and quite possibly a case of mild tinnitus. Totally worth it.

The night was distinctively Afterlife. Each performance brought education and entertainment to Hï Ibiza. A party led by true innovators in electronic music, Afterlife has only just begun with this opening party.

Tale Of Us's odyssey to the afterlife is a journey we should all be a part of. Not sure which date to pick? That's quite all right: they are all otherworldly. See you at the next stop.

If you missed the opening party, no worries. You can listen to the sounds of the night below with our Spotify playlist here.

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