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Why Children of the 80s rocks our world

Boogie all night long.

Children of the 80s is a party that's pure fun and nostalgia transporting you through a musical wonderland of old-school '80s tunes. To celebrate tickets now being on sale, we've compiled some top reasons why everyone should go to join in on this cool blast from the past.

With the fun beginning again on Friday 31 May this year, you'll want to know why this evening event is packing in the crowds at the Hard Rock Hotel.

you get to wear '80s gear

This party is all about being loud and proud with what you wear and Children of the 80's encourages you to dress to the nines like you are actually in the 1980s, so big up those shoulders, wear your white jeans and turn your underwear into outerwear. Ever fancied dressing up like Madonna or Freddie Mercury? Now's your chance.


If you are a person who likes a good value night out, this party is for you. With early bird tickets priced at €18, it's one of the cheapest parties on the White Isle. Regular tickets are still a very reasonable €25 so you'll definitely have more money to spend on drinks.

Early evening extravaganza

This party allows you the freedom to enjoy your holiday without staying up until the early hours of the morning. Of course, if you want to go on to Hï Ibiza later or even just to a bar for some more drinks you can. If you've got the kids with you then you can be back home by midnight, pay the babysitter and get some rest after all the fun.

Vibrant Crowd

As one of the island's most-loved parties, Children of the 80's attracts an audience of both holidaymakers and island dwellers. The nostalgic vibe and relaxed nature of the event appeal to all those who wish to let their permed hair down. You won't be able to help yourself singing along to guilty pleasure tunes alongside colourful characters who are up for a good time.

Amazing acts

Your DJ hosts for the evening, Dream Team Reload and La Movida spin all the top hits which span this decade and there are regular performances from artists of that time too. Plus breakdancers and body poppers whip up excitement with some catchy choreography to you spin you right round (like a record baby).

Above all, you are guaranteed a top night out and with a roster of '80 artists for 2019 still to be announced, there are going to be even more reasons to try out this party. Check below for full details and tickets for Children of the 80's on sale now.

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