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RICHBITCH drops an unforgettable opening night

Urban fever takes over Hï Ibiza on Mondays.

Last Monday night we got ready to turn up the heat as fierce urban party RICHBITCH made its debut at new home Hï Ibiza. Party host Ale Zuber rounded up the freshest sounds of hip-hop, reggaeton and r&b to ensure that this opening party was a staple event for any urban raver.

The opening night line-up alone crowned this party as a royal rave. Our headliner for the night was American singer and rapper Trey Songz, joined by a whopping 17 other acts including Ayo & Teo, Kay, Claudio Tozzo and more. Oh yes.

I was intrigued to see how the electronic dance music foundations of Hï Ibiza would handle this urban flair, but the unusual pairing was quite the match made in heaven.

The high-spec production and air of occasion that the super-club offers make every party more extravagant and thrilling than the last.

Starting off in the club room, I managed to squeeze a space into the almost full capacity dancefloor. DJ Policy was on decks and firing out the old school r'n'b hits that never fail to bring out the inner soul diva in even the most reserved of ravers.

Taking it back to the early 2000s twisted our bodies to Beyonce and Sean Paul's sensual tune Baby Boy.

For the electronic lovers through and through, Hï Ibiza's infamous rave in the restroom kept the high impact techno sounds coming. This was even more the case with Columbian mix master Joseph providing the soundtrack.

Raumakustik's track Raider sounded absolutely banging coming out of the intimate club area's sound system, every bass beat thumping louder and harder each time.

Dance and rap duo Ayo & Teo were about to cause a fiery ruckus in the grand Theatre. Bouncing onto the stage, they brought with them infectious energy that set the crowd alight.

They had the hip-hop moves and the reggaeton grooves to supply us with a high production show that connected them with the audience as if we were in an intimate rave.

Original track Ay3 saw these urban-istas in the crowd perform every bar along with the American duo.

The sound system was pounding, drinks flowing, and good vibes being shared all around - all the ingredients you need for an unforgettable night.

Up next we had Ale Zuber playing some of his top r'n'b and urban-pop tracks. The party host made sure to make a spectacular entrance with male street dancers bringing underground vibes to the stage as they performed on and around the decks.

This part of the set certainly made the female ravers in the crowd go LOCO.

Revelling through the top charts of past years, Ale Zuber played the likes of Mackelmore, Soulja Boy, J Balvin, Eminem, Snoop Dogg and more, including a spin of Usher's dance floor classic Yeah! I definitely enjoyed these tunes more than I should have.

Enter our headline act for the evening. DJ Charlsey introduced the much anticipated Trey Songz to the ecstatic crowd.

Diving straight into the set, we found ourselves singing along to the sassy and soulful sounds of Trey Songz's almost two-decade reign on the industry.

Touchin, Lovin proved to be a song that got fans feeling feisty and independent with every word they chanted.

When the beats are bouncing and atmosphere electrifying, only one thing can take this party up a notch – a champagne spray obviously. However, this is Trey Songz and his crew so just one bottle of bubbly isn't going to quite make the cut.

Slowing things down a bit with melodic, rhythm and blues tune Slow Motion, we saw Trey Songz show off some impressive high notes.

For the final moments of the set and with the crowd completely still in awe, he took a moment to take it all in.

Taking photos with the crowd to cherish his RICHBITCH moment, he then proceeded to hand out shots to the front row ravers to join him in a final drink. From shots to champagne, this singer knows how to treat his fans.

Not to worry the fun wasn't over just yet. Kay was on hand to keep the party going with his Latin infused dance set, mixing some of our holiday favourites into club anthems. The party went on all night.

If you want to get down to fresh urban beats on a Monday night then RICHBITCH is the party for you.

Head below for more information on dates, line-ups and tickets. See you there.

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