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Where to get a great steak on Ibiza

Succulence and sizzle.


When we think of steak, we think of a treat. It's not always the cheapest of meats and is often reserved for special occasions. We think that all meat should be considered this way and appreciated; it should be of the highest quality, have come from an animal that led a happy life and be bursting with the flavour of the land.

Steak is a food that improves after maturing after being cut; it can require a deft hand to cook it just right too. With this in mind, we pick out for you the top places on Ibiza where respect for the product, the right cooking techniques and supreme flavour combine to bring you some of the very best in steak on the island. Tuck in.

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STK Ibiza

Ibiza Town

At the venerable “modern steakhouse”, STK Ibiza you can expect great things. All the meat comes from the best US cuts available - the top 2% - and is deeply flavoursome and tender. We've tried everything from sirloin to fillet and all cuts have been excellent, cooked to perfection and nicely tender. If you want to impress your friends, order the 900g Tomahawk, Parmesan truffle chips and get a giant cocktail to share. Eating here is an original experience and all the food really tastes great: you won't leave a morsel on your plates if you can help it.

Come here for glamour, high-energy and great sounds. The crowd is generally young and well-dressed and top entertainment throughout the week gives this place a real party and fun feel. As they say in America, from where STK hails “this is not your daddy's steakhouse” and it really is not.

Cas Costas

Playa d'en Bossa outskirts

To say that Cas Costas only opened a few short years ago, it has very rapidly established itself as a place for great quality food, its meat being a standout offering. The T-bone or chuletón is very tasty and comes raw in slices to be cooked at the table on a table-top grill. Several steaks are on offer from fillet to ribeye and much of it is from one of Spain's best breeds of beef cattle, for flavour, the Gallega. It's worth trying its speciality of a filet mignon cooked in salt crust with herbs. Get some side dishes which use vegetables grown in the venue's own garden too.

Coming here is a treat: this lovely rustic restaurant has an outside covered area with a bar at its centre and an open kitchen, ideal for a hot summer night. Inside, it's heavy wood with a lovely homely feel and the place is open all year round.

El Viejo Gallo

San Antonio Bay

T-bone steak that's dry aged for 90 days, mmm. Age means flavour and this is what you get at El Viejo Gallo. Like other places on this list, you get a hot table grill to cook the meat to your liking. With this cut of beef, the result is a rich, almost game-like taste with yellow fat that adds more incredible flavour. If you go and your fellow diners leave there fat, steal it off their plates. Experience is everything and this long-standing eatery has really perfected the art of the steak. It's one of the main reasons to go here, that and the very high quality of its meat and the oak charcoal grill, adding even more flavour - if that were possible.

A restaurant of long-standing and high quality is what you get here with lots of natural wood on the inside and a lovely plant-lined open terrace.


Playa d'en Bossa

As you might expect of a restaurant at the Ushuaïa Hotel, Montauk is a beautiful temple, this time to great meat. We had the long aged beef that had been aromatised, extra aged by the restaurant, then cooked a perfect medium rare and presented with pride. We loved the little touches, like the presentation in the restaurant of the raw meat cuts, as if they were jewels, and the choice of four different steak knives. This and the amazing selection of side dishes, the high-class service and a wine list to die for. With a €4000 for a bottle of Château Petrus on offer , if you so feel inclined you could try the world's best red wine.

You come here if you want to dine in palatial surroundings: the decor inside is beautifully gilded and the outside terrace is like a Versace dream. Go for a total holiday treat and to be served like a king or queen.

Rio Ibiza

San Antonio

Why Rio Ibiza is on this list is for the excellent offer of its “Ribeye and Party” deal that includes your steak dinner and then free entrance to a club. Sounds very inviting, right? The steak is served in strips, to be cooked on your own table-top grill. It's succulent, juicy and comes with seasonal vegetables and a bottle of wine. You'll need to be a minimum of two people, though with the deal weighing in at only €32 per person, it is to paraphrase Marie Antoinette, very much a “let them eat steak” moment for all.

A rooftop terrace, inside and outside dining areas all set in San Antonio's very pretty harbour area, make for terrific atmosphere and charm. When you include everything that this deal gives, it's an incredible value night out.

Can Muson de Sa Vila

San Lorenzo

If you want to dream about steak after eating it, then go to Can Muson de Sa Vila. The cuts come from the best quality grass-fed beef from Spain and if you ask nicely, there's the prized Argentinian cut Ojo de Bife. With the owner being Argentinian and hailing from a restaurateur family, you are in excellent hands. We cannot say enough about the steaks here: the perfect doneness, supreme tenderness and amazing taste, it gives a new dimension on what a great steak should taste like. A highly recommended place and a definite for your list.

You'll love the relaxed courtyard as much as you'll adore the simple, rustic interior with an open hearth at this old finca. As soon as you arrive, you'll feel at home straight away, with a lovely gracious welcome.


Playa d'en Bossa

It's yum, yum, yum all the way when you try the steaks here. If we had had more room we would have eaten more, believe me. Sissi's uses well aged grass-fed beef and when it gets to your plate, the taste just keeps on giving. The Angus entrecote and slices of T-bone, cooked at the table on a hot grill were just something else. The matured beef here comes from Asturias in northern Spain and then aged further by the restaurant. The succulence and taste is incredible. Really, we were blown away by the quality of the meat here and if you are ever walking past here, we suggest strongly that you make your way inside.

An unassuming place with a large open terrace, in the heart of this resort, you'll be impressed with the nice informality of the place and the excellence of the staff, who are rapid fire and very friendly.


San José

The owners of Chimichurri are proud of the meat they serve. It really is a speciality of the house. Indeed, all of the meat served here tastes great and is of top quality, from the Argentinian cut entraña to the top of the range T-bone served to be cooked on a table-top grill. As well as this place's charm, the excellent pricing and friendly staff add up to a great restaurant experience. This writer has taken many people here to try the steak and all that go love it. If that's not testament to great grilled cuts of beef, we don't know what is.

Visitors to Cala Conta will have passed this restaurant at the top of the road that leads there. It's really worth stopping to go in. As well as the great food, its rustic charm and gorgeous garden make it a lovely place to go and get your steak fill.

Now all you need to do is get yourself booked in for a superb steak supper or lunch. If steak isn't on your menu, see the wide choice of restaurants in our guide.

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