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San Mateo's Wine Festival back for 2019

Free wines aplenty at this great local event.

It's time for the annual San Mateo Wine Festival taking place tomorrow Saturday 14 December.

Known as the Festa del Vi Pagès, you will be treated to your fill of local wine for free from many wines from around 20 small wine producers, organised by the neighbours' association of San Mateo from 17:00.

To go with the wine, go the traditional way and get yourselves a delicious freshly-made local sausage, either sobrasada or butifarra.

These delicious bangers are reasonably-priced and you can grill them yourselves on a barbecue, then enjoy with local pan payés bread.

In a really enjoyable end of year evening, you'll see throngs of islanders in this much-loved local event - this is one Bacchanalian happening that you have to try at at least once.

San Mateo's excellent soil is great for growing grapes which the locals make use of in a time-honoured fashion from the days when all Ibizans made their own wine.

Can there be anything more pleasing than drinking wine in an atmosphere filled with bonhomie and joy, thanking the land for what it has provided?

Go and see for yourselves, though be warned: all this free wine can easily lead to a big hangover the next day.

Drink lots of water too and say cheers to the Wine Festival!

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