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Video Ullal de na Coloms (The Cave of Light)

An excursion to one of the most hauntingly beautiful places in the world.

This week we hiked with Stivi Stivanello to Ullal de na Coloms (or the Cave of Light), one of the most spectacular and remote places on Ibiza. This hauntingly beautiful cave is on the island's west coast and faces the afternoon's sun, which pierces down into the crystal-clear seawaters inside.

It is only accessible via a 1.5-hour hike or by boat and entering the water inside the cave is not for the faint of heart. At 30m deep, you must climb down to a jumping point of about 6m height and, from there, there are only two ways back out once you do take the plunge.

You can climb up a very thin rope, which is extremely difficult, or you can swim out through the cave's underwater exit to the open sea. The latter option requires about a 20-second underwater swim and we highly recommend diving fins to do this.

Once in the water, your breath is taken away by the overwhelming beauty of the light streaming down from above and illuminating everything down to the cave's deep floor. It truly is a fantastic experience.

This place should only be visited by experienced outdoor people and you should ONLY go with an knowledgable guide like Stivi. You need to take plenty of water, some food and if you want to do the swim, a diving mask, fins and some water boots for the sharp rocks.

The walk back out is challenging, so make sure you save water for it.

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