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Bloop inclusive art set to take on Ibiza again in 2020 

Tenth anniversary sees interactive art festival return in a micro format.


Free interactive festival Bloop returns for 2020 in a “micro format” focusing on its permanent Open Air gallery, with surprise pop-up street art events in Ibiza Town, from 6 August to 5 September this year.

Bloop's continued ethos is that of “Art is for everybody”, and with the event celebrating its tenth anniversary in 2020, the focus on making art inclusive, regardless of age, race, sex or indeed any label, is more powerful than ever in our current times.

The event's appearance this year lives up to last year's theme of “resilience”, which itself is a great segue into this year's theme, “memory”, a round-up of the festival's last decade.

In 2020, Bloop will be making much if its island-wide Open Air gallery, the permanent outdoor exhibition of murals that adorn buildings and bridges, created by an international set of artists.

In addition, its surprise street theatre pop-ups will take place during the month-long event, so be sure to follow Bloop on Instagram so you get to see these excellent events.

You can see the Open Air Gallery murals in San Antonio, Ibiza Town, San José and Santa Eulalia, with a collection of over 30 different works. See the gallery above to get a flavour of what to look out for.

Join us in celebrating the welcome return of Bloop this year!

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