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Great deals on hotel prices to be had on Ibiza now

Discounts of up to 60% available on accommodation costs.

As we reach the middle of the summer season, Ibiza's hotels are going all out to tempt you to our wondrous White Isle with some amazing discounts on a night's stay.

In a possibly once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, you can enjoy some of the island's best places to stay for much, much less.

The Melià chain is offering discounts on three of its hotels on the island, with up to 30% off prices at the beautifully laid back Sol Beach House in Santa Eulalia and 20% at the ME Ibiza Hotel in the same resort.

Also at Melià's San Antonio Bay hotel, Innside Ibiza, there's 20% off at this excellent beachside, chilled holiday pad too.

In San Antonio the Ocean Beach Ibiza Hotel is offering a terrific rate at just under €160 a night, down from around €387 a night - a huge cost difference.

Many more discounts abound, so take a look around and get your great deal reservations today!

Check out our hotel's page where you'll find a wide-ranging selection of accommodation. Look out for the 'open this year' mark at the top of the page.

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