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Famous Ibiza residents rap about mental health

DJ Fat Tony, Demi Rose and Tony Truman join ‘A Mental Session’ ahead of World Suicide Prevention Day 2020.

A wealth of the great and good from the music and entertainment industries with big Ibiza associations have come together to individually speak candidly and openly about their own personal mental health challenges in a video series.

The new series supports World Suicide Prevention Day this coming 10 September 2020.

These inspirational videos include the likes of DJ Fat Tony, O Beach co-owner Tony Truman and Ibiza-based model Demi Rose - all offer their thoughts on the potential psychological impact of the party lifestyle, together with practical advice for other sufferers and those close to them.

Tony Truman co-owner of O Beach talking about suicide, anxiety and depression in "A Mental Session"

The six-part series, filmed on Ibiza is the brainchild of two mental health not-for-profit organisations: We are Hummingbird and PANIC LOVES COMPANY.

With mental health issues affecting a surprisingly large proportion of the world population and with the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, it's more relevant than ever to highlight this topic.

According to a survey by the Confederación Salud Mental España conducted in 2019, 6.7% of Spain's population has been affected by anxiety, with the same percentage of people suffering depression.

A full 30% of Spanish young people aged 15-29 suffered from symptoms of mental disorder during 2018-2019.

DJ Fat Tony and Demi Rose on set filming 'A Mental Session' with Ian Hurst, We are Hummingbird and PANIC THE MOTHER

Video series timetable

All the videos can be seen from the date of publication and using the password: PrivateROSE19.

A Mental Session - Fat Tony Intro from Ibiza Spotlight on Vimeo.

You can view the videos on the release dates below on two YouTube channels: We are Hummingbird and also on PANIC THE MOTHER.

5 September 2020 - Episode 1, Introduction, what we are all about
What is mental health and why does it affect all of us? With PANIC THE MOTHER and Ian Hurst, co-founder of We are Hummingbird.

6 September 2020 - Episode 2, Parenting when mental with PANIC THE MOTHER
Handling the many emotions that can come with parenting when suffering from mental health challenges and how to tackle it.

7 September 2020 - Episode 3, Panic for the after party with DJ Fat Tony
Drink, drugs, self-sabotaging behaviour. Ending the stigma of an addict; looking behind the behaviour plus how to get help.

8 September 2020 - Episode 4, Take your pills: PANIC THE MOTHER
Medication and the stigma attached to taking it, and the associated unwanted emotions.

9 September 2020 - Episode 5, Learning to swim in the ocean of grief with Demi Rose
Grief has no end point, there is no recovery just the skills to learn how to live again and what support is available.

Commenting on the video series, Ian Hurst, co-founder of We are Hummingbird, notes: “How many times have you felt helpless, witnessing friends or family suffering with debilitating mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression or addiction and not known how to help?”

“Now more than ever, there is a need to be able to identify the signs of when someone is struggling and take simple steps to help them,” Ian adds.

Ibiza Spotlight fully supports this impressive initiative and we exhort you to watch and participate.

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We are Hummingbird website

We are Hummingbird YouTube

MAIN PICTURE | DJ Fat Tony discussing addiction drugs and sobriety and how to get help on A Mental Session video series

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