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Ibiza DJ focus | Eli Rojas

Profiling an island personality.

Some DJs play meek and insular, absorbed in their concentration, studious and unflinching. Others, meanwhile, are the embodiment of the party, bursting with energy and vibing off the dance floor.

The next entry in our focus series definitely falls into the latter.

Eli Rojas is a firecracker of a DJ, whose highly-charged sets are brimming with her personality. Like her profile emphatically states, she's a Colombian girl with Jamaican soul and Ibiza spirit. You could never accuse her of being an introvert.

Her musical journey began with a background in salsa, reggae and hip-hop. Later Eli incorporated house music, finding a distinct sound she dubbed Latin urban groove.

Now Eli is part of a large South American contingent that call Ibiza their home.

First making her name at Global Reggae Beach bar on Playa Pinet, she quickly grabbed the attention of some of Ibiza's biggest institutions. Today, she counts The Zoo Project and Blue Marlin Ibiza amongst her regular haunts.

While things are on the quiet side, we used the opportunity to catch up with Eli and find out what makes her tick and how she's coping with lockdown.


Hi Eli, how are you doing? What have you been up to?

"Currently, I am in a process of transformation and change - cleansing my environment, growing spiritually and giving preference to the important things in my life: family, friends, nature and visiting the magical corners of Ibiza."

Tell us about your Ibiza residencies.

"Blue Marlin Ibiza welcomed me in and now I feel like an integral part of their team. Thanks to them, I have been able to develop myself personally and create my Eli Rojas & Friends project.

This project aims to support the local female talent of our island and promote the Ibiza music brand."

"My other island residency at The Zoo Project allows me to be more versatile and experiment with other styles. I feel a really deep connection to the crowd.

Elsewhere, I also hold a residency at Delirium Sundays, a party that takes place in a unique setting in Girona. There I have been able to share the DJ booth with the likes of Claptone, Jan Blomqvist, Los Suruba and Dosem. It's been very inspiring."

With the lack of clubbing at the moment, your radio shows must have felt like a therapeutic outlet.

"I'm doing streams with Ibiza Sonica, Pure Ibiza Radio, Who is in da house? and the Dance Top 40 charts.

I have remained present and active throughout 2020 and now 2021. Perhaps due to the current situation, my presence has become more visible?

We're in the process of organising an international tour, which will come with its own challenges. But I'm excited to visit new destinations."

Are there any Ibiza parties on your wish list that you dream of playing at?

"There are many events that I would love to be able to participate at. I love the musical style at WooMoon. I would also have to say Solid Grooves, as I'm a fervent Michael Bibi fan. Finally, a session with Dixon on his special night would be a dream."

As you are from Latin America, what do you make of the popularity of Reggaeton on Ibiza in recent years?

"There's no such thing as bad musical genres. You can find good, average and bad music in all genres.

I respect the evolution of this style and everything it has achieved on our island. The genre has evolved with new artists and musical fusions. This has refreshed reggaeton and drawn it away from the violent undertones it had when it first emerged."

You have a big presence on social media. How important is it for you to be able to connect to your fans like this?

"My fans are my confidantes. I can interact with them in a direct way, selecting music for them, sharing my unusual black humour, my lifestyle and opening up to share my vulnerabilities.

I try to reply to all the friends who contact me and I really appreciate the support. Fans on social media provide me with the energy required to continue this incredible adventure that has lasted for over ten years now."

Aside from the language, do you think there are any other parallels between Ibiza and Colombia?

"Of course, the main point we have in common are the people themselves. Each person who leaves their country is an ambassador for their land, their culture, their way of speaking, personal treatment, gastronomy and music.

What unites us the most is that feeling of being ambassadors of our homeland."

IMAGES | by Lila Licciardi

Fitness is another of your passions. We particularly enjoyed the video of you working out while your dog was being lazy in the background!

"I have been into sport since I was young. I competed as a swimmer, participating in the Pan American Games. Then volleyball and beach volleyball became another great passion of mine. That took me to Miami to play.

I also practice surfing, yoga and cycling regularly. I love producing happy endorphins and being in harmony with my Sun God!"

What does Ibiza 2021 have in store?

"2021 is in a cloud of uncertainty at the moment. Who knows exactly what is going to happen to society?

We must continue moving and continue creating - music and content, as well as remaining connected to each other and our environment.

This year I am dedicated to my development as a producer and collaborating with people from all over the planet.

Musically, I have exciting news coming later this year, as I prepare to commemorate a decade plus in the industry.

New productions of mine will soon be seeing the light - both remixes and my first solo EP."

IMAGE | by David Holderbach

Vaccine roll-outs across Europe offer hope for this summer. The data coming out of Israel and now the UK is very promising. For the latest situation and information on the current restrictions on Ibiza, please read our recent update.

We look forward to the day we can feel the sun on our face and watch Eli playing her Latin rhythms once again.

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