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Ibiza Co-op Conscious Conexion Festival

Synergy Into Action is the motto for this event. If living a more environmentally, ecologically sustainable lifestyle interests you, this is the place to be.


There is a new event taking place on Ibiza today. It's called the Ibiza Cooperative Conscious Conexion. Yesterday we popped down to have a look at Day One and walked away, pleased we had made the effort.

The Idea.

The idea behind the event is crystal clear. This is about bringing together people from all walks of life, people with an extraordinary range of interests and skills but with the singular focus of living, building and sustaining a more environmentally, ecologically friendly lifestyle.

Ibiza Coop Conscious Conexion Chris Dews Ibiza Council

Powerhouse behind the idea Chris Dews (pictured above, accepting his free recycling bags from Council staff) is a name that we may all soon be very familiar with (if not already!) as he is also setting up the Ibiza Coop Intranet - a self sufficient, "off the grid" membership-only intranet for islanders.

Activities at Ibiza Coop

The list of activities, workshops, and talks scheduled to take place across today and tomorrow is impressive. Subjects such as alternative energy systems, electric vehicles, alternative construction methods right the way through to beach cleaning and recycling activities barely scratches the surface of the itinerary.

Toni from Es Pujol Museo Etnografico - a house museum with over 2,000 original island artifacts - offers almonds for passers-by.

Market and more.

Artists and inventors, musicians and dancers, healers and therapists also have their place at this gathering. There are educational games for the children and a selection of local goods – a mini market, if you will - ranging from foods to arts and crafts available to sample and purchase. (we sampled local honey and coffee roasted here on the island and were so impressed we purchased both!)

Ibiza Coop Conscious Conexion Meke Coffee with their range of coffees that are imported and then roasted on Ibiza. If you've had coffee at Babylon, La Paloma or Las Dalias, you've probably had


Ever wanted to learn about alternative currency systems and ethical banking? This is the place to be - Diane Potters, the woman who teaches business owners how to integrate sustainability, is flying in from Amsterdam to share her knowledge at Ibiza Coop Conscious Conexion.

Ibiza Coop Conscious Conexion Manin Carrera
Recycled glass sculpture from artist Manin Carrera. With lights changing colour inside this sculpted seed, at night it's a visually arresting focal point.

Location and times.

The event is going to run until tomorrow, opening doors at 11 AM until 8 PM at night. It has been designed with all the family in mind.

Ibiza Coop Conscious Conexion gathering is at the campsite in Es Cana (drive past the Hippie Market and look out for the beach called Cala Martina. Parking is a cinch!) See map below.

For more information about the Ibiza Co-op's work, contact Chris and team directly via the website - Ibiza Co-op.

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