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Ibiza Fiesta: St Bart 2012

Call it what you will, San Bartolome in Spanish, Sant Bartomeu in Catalan, the result is still the same

Call it what you will, San Bartolome in Spanish, Sant Bartomeu in Catalan, the result is still the same, a great summer fiesta in San Antonio! It's the perfect way to visitors to the island to see how the local people let their hair down and celebrate – and who wouldn't, with a rare public holiday on the 24th with no work to worry about!

The fiesta is the usual weeks long mix of sporting activities – lots of sea based competitions at this time of year – fun, games, music, food, tomato fights and of course fireworks, all taking place around the centre of San Antonio.

All the entertainment laid on is absolutely free and, if you're a tourist here for the events, you'll enjoy a great variety of live music and shows that we've picked out in the highlights of the programme for the fiesta.

rock in the afternoon, san antonio

15/08, 20.00, Sa Punta Windmill – Rock in the Afternoon, with Morning Hits, Boogie Band, Met Head, Croissants Dolls, Marian Pellegrino and Tales of Gloom.

17/08, 21.00, Arenal Beach (Main Beach of San Antontio) – Arenal Dance, electronic music festival

arenal dance, san antonio

23/08, Fountains Square
21.00 – Earth Dreams Dance Spectacular
22.00 – Pampa Argentina, Tango Spectacular
23.00 – Glenn Marples live concert
24.00 – Official Fiesta Opening Ceremony and entertainment

24/08, 24.00, Sa Punta Windmill – fireworks display followed by entertainment in the fountains square

25/08, 20.00, Sa Punta Windmill – San Bartolome Sunset Revival, with music from the 60's to the 90's with Mazonas Band and DJ's Petit and Vazquez.

26/08, 21.15, Fountains Square – Dance Spectacular, sardine BBQ and live music from folk rockers Ses Genetes Peludes.

Just up the hill from San Antonio, on the road to San José, the picturesque village of San Agustin is also celebrating its fiesta and for the 7th year, the two communities come together, dressed as Romans and Carthaginians – sworn ancient enemies – to battle it out in an enormous tomato fight on Arenal beach (Main Beach of San Antontio).

The first encounter takes place on 31st August when from 19.00, there'll be kids games on the beach, food and live music from KasiQno, Projecte Mut and the La Movida on Tour DJ's.

Battle commences on 1st Sept at 18.00 when tomatoes a plenty will hurtle through the air in both directions as warring troops give it welly! Afterwards, there'll be a BBQ of peace, and live music from The Moonshine Band, Arma Sonora and Los Rebeldes!

Take a look at our tomato laden photos of one of the battles of the past by clicking Romans and Carthaginians.

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