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Fiesta Ibiza: San Antonio 2012

Whilst the rest of the post New Year world is detoxing in the rehab gym San Antonio

Whilst the rest of the post New Year world is detoxing in the rehab gym San Antonio continues at full steam ahead over the next couple of months to celebrate its Saint's day and Carnaval. There's fun, games, competitions, food, music and dancing for all with most of the action taking place in the big Marquee (unless otherwise stated) in the main square where the Christmas and New Year parties were held.

Here are the main events
07/01, 21.30 Flower Power fiesta all around town.
08/01, 18.00, Blues Afternoon with Dave Blues
13/01, 21.30, Soulexplosion with DJs Cesar and Javi Box & No Tricks
14/01, 21.30, Guateque 60's 70's party with DJs and Sixtonatra live
15/01, 11.00, Folk Fest XXXI in the Regio cinema
15/01, 18.00, Swing Sunday with the Bluesmafia
16/01, 21.30, Mexican Party with DJs and live acts – wear your Sombreros!
17/01, 12.00, Mass for San Antonio day in the church

blessing the animals in san antonio, ibiza

17/01, 13.00, Blessing of the animals at the town hall
17/01, 17.00, Pet competition
17/01, 18.00, Plant competition
17/01, 19.00, Student dance spectacular
17/01, 20.00, Professional dance spectacular
17/01, 21.30, Statuas d Sal in concert
19/01, 20.00, Cinema – Help with the Beatles
20/01, 19.00, Rhythmic Gymnastics exhibition
20/01, 20.00, Fashion show
20/01, 21.00, Fund raising party
21/01, 12.00, Valencian gastronomy tasting
22/01, 10.00 and 14.30, Dog Agility Competition on Arenal beach
22/01, 11.30, San Antonio Rural VIII – food, folklore, pony rides, and the country olympics
22/01, 18.00, Jazz Afternoon with Jazz'ta be
27/01, 19.00, Folk fest
28/01, 21.30, 80's & 90's party
29/01, 18.00, Unplugged afternoon with the Moonshine Band

03/02, 21.30, Electronica Night
04/02, 21.30, Rockabilly Fest II with the Mad Rumblers, Gatos Locos et al
05/02, 11.00, Kite Flying day at Ses Variades
05/02, 18.00, Acoustic afternoon with Acustico 3
10/02, 21.30, Rock Night with Flame, Putumayo Project, Backbeat & more
11/02, 21.30, Friki Fiesta with DJs Petit & Vazquez – dress as your favourite singer

almond blossom in santa ines, ibiza

12/02, 11.30, Hike to Santa Ines through the almond blossom
12/02, 12.00, Paella Comp followed by Paella tasting
12/02, 18.00, Original music afternoon with Ferran
14/02, 21.30, Lovers Fiesta for St Valentine – music, comps and fun
16/02, 20.00, BBQ – fancy dress fun, games and fish
17/02, 21.30, Flamenco Night with Sentimiento Rociero
18/02, 21.30, Carnaval Party: Super-Disco-Fashion with DJ Pharma
19/02, 14.00, Musical Paella

carnaval parade in san antonio, ibiza

21/01, 17.00, Carnaval parade around the main streets of San Antonio
25/02, 21.30, The Final Party

Wow, what a brilliant programme that is. Well done to San Antonio for brightening up what could be the most miserable months of the year with lots of FREE entertainment. Here's a link to the full list of events in Spanish.

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