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Podcast: SPTL190: Wouter de Moor

Recently released on Josh Wink's Ovum label, Wouter takes us on a journey through house and techno.

The Mix

Where and how was the mix recorded?

"The mix was recorded at a friend's studio... a house with a roof terrace, so on this particular sunny day it was quite hard to go down and do the mix without a crowd. I only have turntables in my own studio and unfortunately no CD players yet (still waiting for free Pioneer players, but somehow the mailman keeps being delayed). So I had to make use of my friend's studio."

Talk us through the track selection of the mix. What are the musical influences that have allowed you to arrive at this mix?

"Well, this happened very naturally. To get into it, I listened to a lot of new and old tracks on a proper sound system. I first wanted to make a more house oriented mix, but eventually it all became more techno flavored. This happened while I was recording. I also wanted to promote some new tracks of friends like Efde - Move On (Soweso) and Heiko Laux's new album on Kanzleramt."

In what setting should we be to appreciate it most?

"That's clear! PRE and / or AFTER party... This is not something you play while you drink a glass of proper wine together with the love of your life, surrounded by candles."

The Plug

So, you have a new EP out on Josh Wink's Ovum. Tell us about that.

"I made 5 tracks for this release. It was a process where I constantly made tracks and sent them to Josh to test. Josh knows exactly what he wants for Ovum. There's room for techno and house, so this is perfect for me. I think it's a broad E.P. with different tastes of music."

Ovum is a highly respected label, what's it like working with them? Did you specifically choose them to get the release out?

"For me this is a dream come true. Ovum was one of the labels that I almost always bought when I started collecting records. This is how I heard Josh Wink and other cool artists for the first time. Because of this I specifically choose Ovum."

You cite one of Amsterdam's finest DJ exports - Steve Rachmad - as one of your mentors. How useful has it been having him around to help support and guide you?

"I can write a loooong paper on this! It has been really helpful in different ways. For instance how Steve approaches his craft as a DJ and producer. He can sit on a mix (of a track) for days, just because a kick doesn't feel right. Or how the sound is (mixing wise) of the tracks he plays as a DJ. He's so focused on every detail; I think this is a big part of his sound and his success. He really cares. This helps when I'm working in my studio. We always feedback each other's tracks, and check the mix (balance between the sounds in a track) in our studios. Besides this, Steve can grab a record from his collection and let you hear this little engineering tricks that tickles your ears and your imagination."

You're on tour a lot, like many DJs, where has it taken you lately?

"Funny places for sure. And in these funny places often you'll find a lot of even funnier characters. Last weekend I played in Groningen, in the north of Holland, not a city known for her rave tourism, but there's this club called Paradigm. It's situated in an old warehouse, and filled with a good crowd and staff. They are really pushing the music there, booking small and really big names, also on sundays, like Marcel Dettman and Blawan."

What are your plans in the coming months? More touring? More productions? Will we see you on Ibiza this season?

"Studio studio studio... and gigs in between. I'm busy finishing tracks for my alias: DE:MOOR This is gonna be more proper techno. I'm also busy making tracks for a second EP on Pokerflat Recordings. Next Month there will be a solo EP on Flashmob Recordings and some remixes/compilations. Visiting Ibiza is defiantly an item in my summer schedule. My booker is busy with something cool this year, but it's not confirmed yet. Hopefully soon!"

Finally, imagine you have a day off on Ibiza, What would you do? Where would you go?

"Probably I'm waking up late, go for lunch at La Paloma (San Lorenzo), go for little swim at Benirras Beach in the north, and eat some power food at Can Pilot (San Rafael) Damn, I'm looking forward to summer!"


What to mention in a bio that has not been exaggerated or lied about?

Let's stick to some facts:

Born: 1984
Length: 1.85
Weight: 73 kg (May fluctuate during festival season)
Hair colour: Blond
Music: Techno / House
Released on: Ovum / Pokerflat / Get Physical / Rejected a.o.
Played on: Parties mostly
Hobbies: Music / Gear / Gear / Gear / Love

Further description:

You won't find DE:MOOR on every possible (after) party, nor will you see him posting one Facebook status after another, talking about “amazing vibes” or “bomb tracks”.

Most of his days are spent in a small room that is filled to the brim with (classic) drum machines, synthesizers, compressors, filters, and other sound toys. This is a habit he probably picked up from his mentor Steve Rachmad, Amsterdam's number one techno pioneer. His preference for strong, pure sounds and an honest, artisanal approach to music also shows in his latest releases on Ovum and Pokerflat Recordings. ‘Lectures', featuring some of Theo Parrish's remarks about music, was cleared and endorsed by Mr. Parrish himself.

As a DJ, Wouter walks the line between the techno from his roots, and more house oriented tracks, as long as the music satisfies his need for the pure and straight forward approach mentioned above. His schedule entails all of the Dutch circuit, spiked with excursions to Fabric London, Ibiza, Goa, South Korea, Belgium, and Berlin.

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