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Cocoon to crash the Thames at Studio 338

It blew a sonic hole into the London club last October and it's set for a repeat in its first 2016 date.

After Sven Väth's dynamite invasion of London's Studio 338 last October, Cocoon on the Terrace will be making another explosive entrance on the 12th of March. While Papa Sven won't be making the Greenwich club his nightly home on its first 2016 date, you have some serious mainroom maulers in the form of Tim Green, Sascha Dive, Einzelkind and very special guest, Mathew Johnson LIVE.

Cocoon's October instalment threw the clubbers into fierce dimensions of self implosion; incredible music was played and tongues were sent wagging, so as soon as news hit of the March rematch, tickets were sold rapidly and that's without the line-up announcement. Now that the line-up has hit the online airwaves with news of Mathew Johnson reuniting with the Cocoon crew, there's to be no time-wasting and as the old adage goes, “if you're not fast, you're last.”

From Amnesia's legendary terrace, to a club which is fitted with one of Europe's largest outdoor terraces where legendary status can only prosper, you can guarantee this is the place to relish in Cocoon's addictive magic.

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