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Dance 88/89 Easter Sunday

Manchester reawakening acid house on Easter Sunday in old school marathon rave style.

On Sunday 27th March, the only thing that devout music heads spending Easter weekend in Manchester will be waiting for, is the reawakening of the second summer of love's spirit. For clubbers of the years 1988-89, ‘church' was interchangeable with the word ‘rave' and quite honestly, although we know that those revolutionary years are behind us, dance music is still our religion.

Victoria Warehouse has just been revealed as the location for Easter Sunday's Dance 88/89 12-hour acid house rave session. The UK event precedes the launch of the residency at Sankeys Ibiza which is a personal artistic project from club owner David Vincent. His intentions are to pay a big bit of homage to the pure years when you had to fight against the law to party as there was no ‘industry' and to educate the younger generation with a line-up that takes a dive into the past with some of the most esteemed pioneering artists. The heavies footing the nostalgic bill are Adamski, Alfredo, Colin Dale, Evil Eddie Richards, Fabio and Grooverider, Frankie Valentine, Graeme Park, MC Kinky, Marshall Jefferson, Mr C, Nicky Holloway, Terry Farley, Trevor Fung and 808 State.

Vincent knows that the music is vital to this kicking off, but he understands the importance of getting all the elements right. Music programming aside, attention will be paid to lighting, décor and the whole ambience to get people loaded into that timewarp and landing at the very beginning of dance. One key detail is the banning of getting snap happy with your mobile. Give your technology a rest for once and forget about showing some videos/pictures to your pals Craig and Don who couldn't make it. This rave is about you and the people there with you, no one else should matter.

Baggy tie-dye attire on, whistles out. ACEEEEEEEEEEEEID


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