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NEWS l John Digweed & Sasha resurrected 2016

The hiatus is over, this duo is back.

Ever since the release of that GIF flashing the names John Digweed and Sasha exploded across social media, there's been a bit of a meltdown in the dance music realm as anticipation reached its zenith.

There's not enough space in this news piece to go through the rampant, illustrious careers they've had both individually and as part of a electric duo, but if you're already reading this, clearly you know your dance music, so we'll crack on without the intros. The big news of today is the resurrection of their globally acclaimed b2b partnership, taking place in Kent this summer. The Social Festival is the gig where this euphoric beast will be awakening from its dormant state. It's the festival fourth edition, taking place at The Kent County Showdown on 9th and 10th of September. If you weren't one of the lucky sods to have caught their surprise gig in London at the end of last month, then you've plenty of notice to get this one noted. Friday 9th will be their first announced show in eight years – mega stuff.

Festival director is none other than Nic Fanciulli and he had this to say: “As a kid I used to religiously follow Sasha and Digweed everywhere around the country and their compilations and music helped shape who I am today.” Nic's sentiments are no doubt echoed by millions across the globe who regard clubbing as essential.

If the four-month wait becomes unbearable, Delta Heavy, the documentary that follows the pair on their US tour, is well worth a watch to see magic at play. And while no Ibiza events have yet been announced, we can but live in hope.


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