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Top Releases: June 2016

Give your eardrums some loving with this bunch of June goodies

Four Tet / 'For These Times' / 20 June

Another kind gesture from Four Tet, 'For These Times' is a track from his free compilation of the random (hence the album name, Random) tracks he's produced throughout his career. The track is a perfectly layered masterpiece, acting as a 4-minute and 58-second journey into the world of Four Tet's musical experimentation.

The Stone Roses / 'Beautiful Thing' / 9 June

With The Stone Roses hype once again flooding the streets of the UK, it would be wrong not to include their second newest tune. Bursting back onto the scene with new music and an unforgettable set of Manchester gig dates, on this track, it's John Squire's riffs accompanied by Ian Brown's classic lyrics that take us straight back to that blazing hot day at Spike Island. Just close your eyes and use your imagine yourself there.

Pig&Dan / 'Chez Dre' / Drumcode / 4 June

Pig&Dan haven't fallen far from the Swamp 81 tree - 'Chez Dre' is the kind of tune you hear booming from a stranger's headphones on the bus, and moments later you're making plans to go out raving. This infectious impact is something Pig&Dan have perfected, and this little slice of techno treacle is one of four on their Mexico EP released on Drumcode.

KiNK / 'Valentine's Groove' / 27 June

If you're a fan of Motor City Drum Ensemble, listen up, because this is a euphoric, rollercoaster ride piece of art, with what sounds like an organ thrown in the mix. You can catch KiNK at Cocoon at Amnesia on 4 July, as well as the Paradise closing party at DC-10. Is minimal disco a thing? KiNK just proved so.

Randomer / 'Running Dry' (DKMNTL-UFO2) / 20 June

Hemlock Recordings producer Randomer - real name Rohan Walder - is perfect listening for any rainy bus journey. Known for taking minimal techno to the next level, Randomer has crafted this five-minute production to get hearts racing. It's no suprise Walden's studio is located in an industrial building that used to hold free raves.

Groovesh / 'Nexstep' EP / Track 2 / 6 June

Groovesh is another Romanian wonder. Found mooching about at Sonar festival in Barcelona this year, we were surprised to learn he is only 19 years old - impressive for anyone who can produce something as detailed, tense and enigmatic as track two on this EP. He's currently working on his own vinyl and digital label, as well as a booking agency and worldwide party brand.

Hugel feat. Jasmine Thomson / 'Where We Belong' (Plastik Funk Remix) / 18 June

A more commercial release for this month, we expect this one to be every beach DJ's favourite track. Plastic Funk recently kicked off their residency at Privilege and Bora Bora and this track was released on Warner Music. Listen out for these rollicking rhythms on any Ibiza live video.

The Strokes - 'OBLIVIUS' / 3 June

The Strokes are another comeback band, and having released their second EP in early June - Future Pesent Past reminded us all of the talent The Strokes embody. Julian Casablancas has held on to his heartbreaker vocals whilst experimenting with an '80s vibe, and 'OBLIVIUS's riffs are laid-back as well as pacey. Another example of great band music being produced in 2016.

Adam Beyer & Joseph Capriati / 'Parallels' / 20 June

Adem Beyer and Joseph Capriati are the talk of Ibiza at the moment. Beyer, of course, is a Cocoon regular, while Capriati is playing at seemingly every big party on the island - so what better duo to produce a blinder for the tech-heads. 'Parallels' is the A1 on Redimension001 EP after Capriati started his new label Redimension. Keep your eyes on this label - we predict big things.

Paul Woolford / 'Mother & Child' / 3 June

Released on Hotflush Recordings and having being premiered on Annie Mac's radio show, 'Mother & Child' was always bound to go down well. With this track, Woolford may well have just started a new trend for the aching beauty of the violin - being named a "sprawling tapestry of strings and synths" by the label.

WORDS | Ruby Munslow

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