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Prodigy @ I-Rocks & Leftfield @ Come Together

Two Herculean artists hit Ibiza next week for what has to be one of the strongest showings of live electronic music talent, the island has ever seen.

Actually, this is the type of thing you never really think is going to happen in Ibiza's clubbing goings-on, it's not quite on the same level as Grace Jones, but still it's pretty amazing to think these monsters of dance history will be performing on our precious little island.

First up, The Prodigy, who I can't remember ever performing in Ibiza, well at least not in the last 10 years, will ensure complete mayhem at the Ibiza Rocks Hotel for the 5th Anniversay of the Ibiza Rocks parties. It's likely to be swimming-pool space only as the English dance rockers run through their barrage of rave anthems and chart topping tracks. But seriously, is there any track people wanna hear more than Out of Space......actually, Charly and Everybody in the Place would be nice, in fact the whole Experience album and Smack My Bitch Up of course. It's started......!!!!

How The Prodigy once were and their iconic debut album

Spotlight tickets sold out long ago, so best of luck on the day trying to beg, steal or borrow a pair. Happy Birthday Ibiza Rocks.

Then there is Leftfield. For me, albeit less commercially successful than The Prodigy or The Chemical Brothers, arguably the most important dance music act EVER and certainly Leftism still ranks as a total and undisputed classic. If you were to compile a Bible of dance music culture, Leftism would be the start of the New Testament. If you don't know it, buy it, press play and soak it up.

Archive mug shots of Leftfield boys

Anyway, after a well documented acrimonious split between the guys a few years ago, re-forming for this tour is something that not long ago was basically looked like an impossibility. Joining Leftfield on the bill for Come Together, for which tickets are only 30€ by the way (and with a free drink), are Pendulum, Chase & Status, Sub Focus, Justin Robertson, Digitalism and of course the Monza Sunset terrace.

One to tell the grandkids about...........!!

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