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Beach Clean Up at S'Arenal Beach, San Antonio

Eden's Toolroom party gets eco in S'arenal beach with free merchandise and free tickets for volunteers.

Every Sonntag from 4 Aug 2019 until 15 Sep 2019
Ab: 19:00

Wo: Strandcafé Tulp, San Antonio Bucht, Ibiza

Ibiza has some of the most gorgeous beaches, coastlines and natural scenery you will find anywhere in the world.

Since we're now in the thick of summer when the island's capacity is at its height, this is definitely a timely reminder that we are all responsible for the maintenance of Ibiza.

That's why Eden's Sunday night host Toolroom is encouraging volunteers to join members of its team in a clean-up on S'Arenal beach in San Antonio centre.

Anybody who takes part will be rewarded with free merchandise, a reusable metal straw and VIP entry to the Toolroom party later that night. Those interested in helping should meet at Tulp Beach Café along the promenade from 19:00.

Afterwards, reconverge back at Tulp. There weekly resident Maxinne will be joined by Harrie Summers and a special guest for a special pre-party at sunset, from 20:00 until 23:00.

For more information about this fun and after all so important event head here.

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