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Walking in Ibiza

We love rambling....

If you are on holiday in Ibiza and feel like exploring the island, a good way to do this is to go walking.

Apart from having a pleasant day out and getting some exercise, walking gives visitors the opportunity to see a new part of the island and hear a little of the history of Ibiza from experienced guides.

Whether you go out alone with a map, join an organized walking group or book a guide for a bespoke walking tour, we can assure you Ibiza offers exceptional walks.

There are many different walking groups on the island. We are going to focus on three of them and ask the guides to share their favourite walks.

Ibiza Walking Association

Ibiza Walking Association is a non profit organization set up by Rob Smith to promote the island as a walking destination and improve the walking community on Ibiza.

Whether you want an easy walk or long challenging hikes, all of the walks are hand picked by Rob. Rob Smith is the author of the Secret Beaches guidebooks and is currently in Ibiza researching Secret Walks. He will create a bespoke walk for you or your group.

During the winter, the Ibiza Walking Association organize a group walk every week (normally on a Sunday) to raise money for a local charity. The walk costs €5 and the money is directly handed over to the charity chosen for that week. These continue during the summer months, but not as regularly. All walks including the Sunday walks are posted on their Facebook page.

Rob´s favorite walk starts in San Miguel, and goes past an amazing viewpoint offering inland views towards the San Juan and San Miguel hills. The walk continues past hotel Hacienda Na Xamena, whose helipad offers a spectacular view of Benirras. Carrying on, there is a short detour to one of the only watchtowers on the island where you can actually access the viewing tower at the top of the watchtower. The walk finishes at one of Rob´s favourite secret beaches Cala d'es Moltons. This has a small bar “Chiringuito Utopia” for those who feel a good walk should end with a drink and sea view.

The Ibiza Walking Association also offer free walking routes which you can download from their website.

Hiking Ibiza

Hiking Ibiza is run by Lucien Lecarme. Lucien used to run a tango school in Holland but was drawn to move to Ibiza, where he is now based. Lucien loves to share his passion for Ibiza´s rich and diverse nature, its stunning ancient pathways and fascinating history. During the walks, he shares interesting facts and information about flora and fauna. All of his walks are run on a donation basis, which means you give in currency what you feel it gave to you. He frequently combines walks with lunch in interesting restaurants. Most of his walks are considered moderate.

See here for more infomation.

Walking Ibiza

Walking Ibiza was founded by Toby Clarke who started offering community and private walks after walking around the coastline of Ibiza with just €1 in his pocket. Now it is a family run business with his Mum and daughter also leading walks.

The Short and Sweet walk is held once a week and often led by Toby´s mum Shiela. It is a short walk of approximately 5km, with some tea and cake at the end.

Toby´s daughter Gemma runs walks for children. These often involve treasure hunts and other fun activities for kids.

Toby offers bespoke private walking tours, 2nights/3 days walking and the annual walk around the island every October. Check out a review of last year's trip.

One of his favourite walks is the lost city. This walk has it all with spectacular views from high cliffs, ruins dating back thousands of years and even a Great Wall of Ibiza. Toby´s walk to the lost city takes people to a secluded part of Ibiza where there is not another house is to be seen, just hills unchanged for thousands of years.

See here for more infomation.

Take a walk, even if it is a short one, and explore a different side of Ibiza. Stepping away from the sun lounger will be worth it, we promise!

WORDS | Louise Ware

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