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Ibiza Winter Diary - Almond Blossom

Countryside, beach runs, Spanish food and pool!

Ibiza right now is so damn peaceful, you will have to forgive us for wearing a permanent grin. A complete juxtaposition of the summer's crazy days and nights, the island is clement, inviting and calm. In fact, unusually warm temperatures have meant that this year's early display of Almond Blossom has had everyone taking to the campo to photograph this breathtaking phenomenon, and walk amongst the serene orchards of almond trees. But more about that later. Here's how I spent this - the penultimate week of January.

Monday - Talamanca Run

I love running to Talamanca at sunrise. The sun almost jumps out of the sea in celebration and this month, sunrises have been as spectacular as the sunsets with the whole sky tinged pastel pink then setting the sea alight in a bright shade of orange. The wooden boardwalk has had a facelift too making running even more enjoyable, and this morning I pass a handful of fellow joggers taking in the magnificent vistas and enjoying this tranquil time of the day. I run past the Ibiza-Formentera ferry on the way back which is still functional even in the winter, and watch the comings and goings with a coffee on the sun-drenched terrace of the ferry terminal cafe.

Tuesday - Pool Night

Pool night with the lads! Illusions is a pool hall located in Ibiza's new town on Plaza De La Paz. Full of local oddballs and Spanish pool enthusiuasts, we are always the only English people in there, but this has never deterred us! The beer is cheap and the chicken wings are finger lickin' good. We get surprisingly competitive and start to bet for shots. Oops! We escape the chilly night for a good 3 hours and the bill is just €15 each! What a bargain!

Thursday - Moniberic Charcuterie

On Thursday we pay a visit to Moniberic, a charming new charcuterie on Avenida Isidor Macabich. This warm and welcoming cafe is run by cheeky chappy Carles, who we know from his days as a sound engineer at Space. After deciding on a complete career change after 20 years, he now stands proud behind the counter offering us mouthwatering cuts of the finest Iberico jamon and slivers of tangy cheese. Carlos is able to recommend the perfect wines to accompany the meat and cheese from the impressive in-house selection, and we sit in the diminutive yet delightful restaurant area in the back, munching on the platters of pleasure and supping on the fine wine. A fantastic place to buy gifts as they will vacuum pack quantities of your choice so you can take it in your check-in luggage. Genius! Possibly the best ham on the island? You decide...

Saturday - Punta Galera and Las Puertas del Cielo

The weather is cracking to say the least, so we head over to the other side of the island for a ramble over the rocks of Punta Galera. The golden light at this time of the year casts gloriously long shadows and we only pass 3 other people sunbathing in the gorgeously clement sunshine. The famous Flat Rock hippy is still there though, with his stall set up amongst the rock formations, selling everything from tea to Ibiza salt to tarot readings. After a good hour of scrambling about taking pictures of the turquoise sea, we head up past Santa Agnes to Las Puertas del Cielo (Heaven's Gate), a local's favourite BBQ restaurant set atop the cliffs overlooking Cap Negret. The place is packed, as it would appear the entire island has been out walking amongst the almond blossom, and we refresh ourselves on shandies before calling it a day.

Sunday - Almond Blossom Walk

I have been meaning to do this every year since I moved here, and this year I manage to get myself to the San Agustin church at 10pm for the annual Full Moon Almond Blossom walk. Looks like I am not the only one, as we end up being a group of almost 100! There are people from every walk of Ibiza life, but all with the likeminded objective of seeing the white flowers glow under nature's own light. And we were not disappointed. The sky was totally clear as we were led expertly by the lovely peeps from the Ibiza Walking Association through the campo in a figure of 8 around the orchards, needing no torches at all! Finally we gathered under the almond trees just before midnight for a shot of almond liquor. It was a great experience and a chance for me to catch up with friends with no distractions at all. Just the crunch of the dirt road beneath us and the lights of San Jose gleaming in the distance.

Ibiza Winter Diaries

WORDS | Leena Sharma

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