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The stunning beaches of Cala Conta

Our featured Ibiza beach of the week.

Where and what?

In the island's west is Cala Conta, formed of several stretches of sand. There are family beaches and a nudist one, all with pretty Jurassic rocky backdrops and vistas the perfect slice of paradise. Going early morning or early evening means you'll avoid the summer crowds.

Why go?

Sunset of dreams at Cala Conta

Clear turquoise waters as far as the eye can see, boats silently bobbing about, pretty islets and spectacular views make this one of Ibiza's favourite beaches. We can't think of anything finer than soaking up some Balearic beats in one of the beach bars, watching the incredible sunset.

Things to do

People love to snorkel and dive from the rocks here, indeed there's a real feel of nature. On a low tide day, you could try swimming to the big island, S'illa d'es Bosc, though beware it's farther than it looks. You'll easily fall over the beach bar/restaurants here for a handy refuel. Mainly this beach is a place to feel pure and utter bliss.

How to get there

Travel here easily by car or you could get the summer ferry from San Antonio or catch the bus from there. Note that the last bus leaves Cala Conta at around 18:30 so try not to get stranded.

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