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Best 10 party restaurants on Ibiza

Wine, dine, drink and dance at Ibiza’s top party restaurants.

Like to have your cake and eat it, too? Why not head on over to a restaurant that cranks it up a notch after and sometimes even during dinner. On Ibiza, everything is possible. You can easily find yourself making a night out of a dinner and beyond.

Here are ten of our favourite foodie havens that pump up the volume and transform into pre-party, proper party and after-party hotspots.


A place where glitz and glamour collide with bohemian Ibiza, this open-air paradise restaurant infuses food with music in the most avant-garde way. Grilled meats are Km5's speciality, securing only the best cuts from around the world and creating a fusion of Japanese and Peruvian cuisine called Nikkei.

A lighter alternative could be taken down in the lounge or the garden. Take your pick from the finger food menu, or maybe the sushi bar might grab your attention. Enjoy all this surrounded by lush décor created from foliage lit by serene lamps and chandeliers.

Open from 20:00 till 4:00, every night is different at Km5. Thursdays see event 5UP playing the best avant-garde rhythms. Fridays bring HOUSEROOM, supplying the titled intended house music. Catch various other events going on into the early hours, such as Studio 54 and DOLLHOUSE.

Cova Santa

Ibizan history relates that the cave on which Cova Santa was built used to serve as a refuge for pirates. A big part of the island's hippie movement, this restaurant serves island history with food. Experimental music fills the air, and art covers the walls since the 1950s.

An impressive selection of fine meat and seafood meals is on this menu. Check out their online menu if you fancy. It features mini videos of each dish. The enticement is too much to handle once those images have imprinted your brain.

The Cova Santa events are also something special such as WooMooN. Market stands of food, drinks and jewellery accompanied by ethnic music and local art turn into a rave as the clock strikes 00:00. Also, catch the Music On after parties here on the occasional Saturday.

Café Mambo

Ah, the famous Café Mambo. A name that everyone drops the second the word Ibiza is mumbled. Starting as a beachfront derelict house, it has become a staple for all who visit the island.

Facing onto the iconic Ibiza sunset, this is one of the most popular party bars on the entire island. Known for its pre-parties for Pacha, you get to see A-list DJs play here daily and for free, too. From Martin Solveig to Hot Since 82, have your meal with the best of the best soundtrack to your sunset.

Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Cafè Mambo has mouth watering menus. Fries topped with truffle oil and Parmesan sounds pretty delicious to me.

Nikki Beach

Hidden along the stunning east side of the Ibizan coast line is Nikki Beach. Known globally for its stunning venues and top quality service, this venue will give you stunning views to match the mouthwatering international cuisine.

With a free-range chicken rotisserie, raw and sushi bar, as well as a wide spread of healthful options, the food at Nikki Beach can fit all. At the beach, you want nothing more than high standard seafood. Feast on succulent oysters and spicy tuna rolls here as well.

Events take place every day of the week, from Ladies Tuesdays and Don't Worry, Be Hippy for mid-week fun to Sintillate every Friday, bringing you true Latino spirit. Make sure to catch the one-off events of the season, too, like the famous Nikki Beach White Party

Bali Beach Club

This LGBT-friendly beach club has it all. Welcoming to everyone, Bali Beach Club also boasts a menu to suit all who pass through its gates. Open all day, all year round, this Playa d'en Bossa beach bar really packs a pretty punch.

Join them for breakfast, snacks and a special three-course lunch for only 15 euros. Choose from fresh seafood, thick steaks or luscious paellas. Vegetarian meals are served until 17:00 while burgers and sandwiches run through till 19:00.

Events run through the season. Twelve hours of deep house is one of their standout events this month on 21 August. Free entry gets you a 10 DJ line-up. Usual events see cabarets of singers, drag artists, DJs and flamenco performers. It is also known for hosting fabulous Gay Pride events also.


A newbie on the block, Rio Ibiza is top of the San Antonio party restaurant game. Combining everything into one neat package, it spreads across three floors. Restaurant, bar, lounge and club look onto the San Antonio Harbour offering exceptional views.

Menu-wise this place unites various cuisines in an original fusion. The Sansu Sushi rooftop terrace is a unique venue to add to the San Antonio mix. Their Italian chef brings a modern twist to a European menu. Fresh steaks and seafood are sourced locally.

Open until 3:00 am, Rio offers a wide selection of events every night. On 24 August, they are accommodating a special event for the San Antonio fireworks, along with a special menu and guest DJ Scott Gray. Music and drinks served daily until late.

La Belle Ibiza

This bohemian open-air restaurant brings so much more than just a pretty picture. Although La Belle Ibiza venue boasts high glamour, it also holds events that have extravagant twists of circus acts and fancy dress. A wonderful two-sided venue that understands the two sides of the island and merges them remarkably well.

Feast on a combination of French and Asian cuisine. An exciting menu sees fresh new concepts brought to Ibiza. Quinoa steak on the menu is something much more forward thinking that needs to be highlighted. Keep it juicy with fresh mussels or a knife-cut beef tartar.

The events that are held at La Belle are playfully sexy, stylish and run from Tuesday to Sunday, such as Brunch Bazar & Barbecue and Life Is A Circus. Be ready to be entertained thoroughly. No dress code, just attitude code: friendly!


Part of the Pacha group, Destino holds its own as one of the more significant venues on the island. Holding weekly events of techno bliss, but keeping its high-class structure that the high-flyers love. This open-air venue has breathtaking views of Talamanca Bay, Dat Vila and the island of Formentera.

Seven menus can seem overwhelming, but Destino simply caters to every taste. Choose from the juice menu, cocktail menu or wine menu. Across the range of pool, lunch and the Modest Restaurant you will find a selection of caviar, lobsters and sushi, only serving the highest quality products, of course.

Every week, Sundays at Destino bring in a lively crowd for Guy Gerber's event Rumors. Also, catch special one-off events, such as the Pete Tong and Heritage Orchestra, which played as part of the BBC Radio 1 event. As Destino is a part of the Pacha Group, keep your eyes out for one-off cross over events such as the Flower Power day festival which also happened earlier this season.


Join Lío Ibiza for a night of cabaret and beyond. This venue offers not only lush food and music but also an entire performance throughout. Be greeted and shown to your seat for a night guaranteed to be astounding.

Definitely playing the role of a high baller, you'll be putting that hand in your pocket for tonight, with a minimum spend of 150 euros per person. In exchange, expect lobsters served on slate vintage telephones, as well as exotic seafood that will entice your eyes and excite your taste buds.

The performers are also the stars of the show. Well, it's a two way battle between them and the gorgeous view of Ibiza Town's harbour and Dalt Vila. After dinner the venue transforms into a proper nightclub and remains open until 5:00 in the morning, so you can fully enjoy the Lío experience. Be Crazy! on Thursdays is particularly wild.

Blue Marlin

If you are looking for that exclusive VIP-Ibiza experience then you need not look further than Blue Marlin, nestled on the pebbly beach over in Cala Jondal Bay. The beach club is known for catering to its rich and famous clientele, even employing an official Blue Marlin water taxi service to ferry guests from the bar to their private yachts.

The head chef Christian Dintl and his team have curated a menu that serves a fusion of Mediterranean cuisine with the occasional flare of oriental flavours. Manning the fresh fish is sushi maestro Tom Blackwater for some of the finest and most elegant Japanese creations.

Eating is not all Blue Marlin is good for, however, as the venue has become well-recognised for its parties. The parties go on until 4:00 in the morning and regularly have solid live acts as well as world-renowned house and techno DJs. With a kitchen, a restaurant, picturesque views, phenomenal music, an area to lounge and a dance floor, there is no reason for you to not enjoy the high-quality service from Blue Marlin.

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