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Tanit Beach Ibiza - heavenly taste on all levels

Laid-back, affordable luxury overseen by the goddess Tanit herself.


Birds sculpted from aerodynamic curved wood hang from the ceiling at Tanit Beach Ibiza, so elegant, they actually appear in flight. Next to them, fragments of glass form an inverted mosaic. Refracting light from outside glistens on a mirror in the afternoon sun.

In the corner of the floor sits a gold bust of the deity Tanit, Phoenician goddess of love, health, the moon and the sea, a reminder of Ibiza's storied past. The majestic effigy takes pride of place, next to the restaurant floor, no doubt looking over the customers spreading her good will to all.

The crowd is a cosmopolitan mix and on the day we go, there's a celebration of the Netherlands' national holiday Queen's Day, with orange silk cloth draped around the restaurant.

Exuding Mediterranean finesse

Tomatoes that take on voluptuous form in the Burratina cheese salad

To the food: a starter of Burratina cheese salad comes piled with buxom red tomatoes and voluptuous peppers, finished with olive oil. Baby yellow toms are planted within the nest, and a heap of the Burratina mozzarella perches at the summit. Cutting through the cheese, a creamy inside stirs something deep within. It exudes Mediterranean finesse – each mouthful a culinary envoy for the region's cuisine.

Meanwhile, the steak tartare is exactly the right amount of peppery. The mini toastettes are the ideal foil for the diced raw meat, and we indulge in this lovely starter unashamedly. Even the bowl of straw fries – reminiscent of a childhood favourite, potato sticks – are a guilty pleasure.

The marinated tuna ceviche reminds us of the versatility of the marvellous avocado . The succulent pieces of tuna and the curls of red onion are an explosion of flavour against the fleshy texture of the fruit.

A feast fit for a queen or king

Raw delights in the perfectly executed steak tartare

When the salmon steak arrives, it's cooked to perfection. The layers of the fish fall apart with the most delicate motion of a fork, without forgoeing any juiciness. The thin crispy strip of skin adds a welcomed saltiness to the fillet and the pink flesh has a sun kissed glow about it. This aesthetic combined with its intoxicating aroma only adds to the allure.

The cauliflower puree is a big highlight of this dish with a smooth lemon-infused wash. Subtle notes of both ingredients gently caress our tastebuds, the contrasting textures of which come together to form a simple, but exceptionally-crafted dish.

Thai dishes can sometimes be accused of betraying traditional recipes, but no such complaint can be levelled at the Thai Red Curry. It's as authentic as you can get outside of the region. Each mouthful is delivered with a discreet warming aftertaste, without broaching medium spice territory. This makes the curry a viable option, even for those favouring something milder. Perhaps the biggest plus of this dish is that it feels light, despite being a sizeable portion. Anybody eyeing all three courses, but concerned about over-ordering, should definitely consider this option.

Affordable chic

Delicate, tender, full of flavour, the salmon steak

Another pillar of South East Asian cuisine, the Pad Thai, is our third main offering and a vegan dish. Having been marinated in a delightful soy sauce, the tofu packs real flavour. The result is that the absence of meat is not missed, even for this self-confessed carnivore. We wolf down the noodles and accompanying veg.

It's worth mentioning that all these main courses – including the fillet mignon – come in at €30 or less. Although this falls firmly within the fine-dining bracket, it is very much affordable and great value.

What's immediately striking about this this beach house is how laid-back the atmosphere is. There are lots of large groups – many of them families. It feels homelier and not so much big party vibe, though DJ Abel spins some cool tunes.

Family friendliness

Dessert desire with the passion fruit and citronella soup

From the road outside the restaurant, there is ramped access, making the place easily accessible for prams or wheelchair users. Children are not only welcomed, but entertained. An outdoor play area on the sand is staffed by face-painters and various toys to keep youngsters distracted.

By the time the desserts arrive, we've already been made to feel highly welcome. A medley of treats offer something for everyone. The fresh fruit platter is full of sharp and refreshing flavours, cleansing our palate. Meanwhile, the mandarin sorbet accompanying the pumpkin compote is dreamy, and melts on the tongue. Finally, chocolate lovers will not be disappointed with the coulant de chocolate.

The trio of desserts was really a great finishing touch to our meal at Tanit Beach Ibiza, which we all felt to be a truly wonderful culinary experience in a cool and stylish beach club.

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