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The music of Do Not Sit at HEART selected by Behrouz

Here is what to expect from Do Not Sit every Thursday at Marina Botafoch's glitzy nightclub.

New kid on the block, at least on Ibiza, Do Not Sit at HEART has landed at HEART Ibiza for its first ever Ibiza residency earlier this month.

We asked creator and resident DJ, not to mention top selector, Behrouz himself to explain what the party is about and select five tracks that represent the party.

For the uninitiated, Do Not Sit On The Furniture started out as a niche nightclub in Miami. It represents the culmination of 30 years of experience that Behrouz as an artist has gone through, in clubs, in the studio, at Burning Man and everywhere he has played.

With this party, the veteran DJ and selector expresses his artistic point of view on how a night should be, based on his individual taste and sound to create a certain movement that is about love, about humanity and about sharing music.

Read on to heart what brought the party to Ibiza and what music you can expect to hear at Do Not Sit at HEART.

What made you take the party to Ibiza? What made now the right time?

I have been going to Ibiza and playing on the island over the past 20 years and felt like it was time I brought my knowledge and brand to Ibiza. We have had our club in Miami for over five years, which is in the toughest market in the US and built a brand organically that has become a worldwide brand. On top of putting my 30 years of experience behind this all, the time was right to bring the party and brand to Ibiza!

What else have you got in the pipeline for 2018?

Well, it's a pretty crazy upcoming summer. We have a residency in Mykonos at Brancos, a residency in Cesme in Turkey, Do Not Sit On The Furniture showcases in New York, LA, Montreal, also at ADE and some amazing releases coming out on Do Not Sit On The Furniture recordings (we just released a beautiful EP from Powel), while the next release will be from myself and Squire.

Here are a few tunes that best represent the night.

Powel | Who Put That Piano In The Jungle | Do Not Sit On The Furniture Recordings.

DNS is such an intimate room but a place where you can play super deep and sexy tracks and this sound works really well.

Valentin Huedo | Jellyfish | Do Not Sit On The Furniture Recordings

This track was released based on Ibiza by a native Ibizan, Valentin. We dedicated it to all the people of Ibiza.

Behrouz | Endless Summer | All Day I Dream

A timeless track by Behrouz that gives you the dreamy, magical feelings we like to bring on the dancefloor.

Sahale | Magharibi (Satori remix) | DGTL

A beautiful summer track that gives the ethnic feel we like to sometimes bring to our listeners.

Powel | Since We've Been | Do Not Sit On The Furniture Recordings

Our vibe is about good music and good vibes and this track gives that feeling.

Do Not Sit runs at HEART runs every Thursday until 27 September. See below for full details and tickets.

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