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Sasha to compile and mix new V/A

LUZoSCURA comes out on 7 May via !K7.

Master of the mixtape and one of the originals who pioneered the format, Sasha has announced a new mixed compilation.

LUZoSCURA is a 21-track project arriving on !K7 and Sasha's new label Alkaane on 7 May.

Originally starting life as a Spotify playlist, LUZoSCURA is a haul of music that wouldn't fit into a Sasha DJ set nor felt suitable for his label, Last Night On Earth.

Covering ambient, breaks, electronica and dub techno, the album is a departure from his usual proggy and melodic style and will be suited to home listening.

Three new Sasha tracks are in the package, including lead single HDNI and a further collab with Franky Wah.

Names as diverse as MJ Cole, Just Her and Jody Barr have contributed original tracks. The full tracklisting can be seen below.

The Ibiza resident commented, "For the first time in over 20 years, I had no reference point for banging club music. I threw energy into curating the LUZoSCURA playlist, because the sound felt right for the time. I quickly realised I wanted to make some of my own music with this theme.

The process was an amazing experience in connecting with artists I wouldn't normally receive music from.

I want people to be ready for something beyond the 4/4 kick drum. Mixing it was quite different to the standard process I'm used to... LUZoSCURA jumps between breakbeat and ambient, yet still flows."

From Renaissance to Northern Exposure, Involver to Scene Delete, this is the latest stage of a revolutionary DJ.

You can pre-order LUZoSCURA here.


01. Sasha | Corner Shop
02. DJ P | Power
03. BAILE | Gone
04. Trypheme | Music For An Imaginary Fashion Society
05. Just Her, Nolan & Keisha Mair | Breathe You
06. Sasha & Franky Wah | I'll Never Change
07. Reserve Parachute | Dark Sky
08. MJ Cole | Maestro
09. lau.ra | I'll Wait
10. QRTR | Forest Sprint
11. Enui | Us
12. The Micronaut | Koelsa
13. Jody Barr feat Felicia Douglass | Accidental Lovers
14. BOA | Essence
15. Polymod | Cycles
16. Rival Consoles | Not Really
17. Cortese | Circles
18. Nocow | Atent
19. Sasha | HNDI
20. Alex Banks | Resurgence
21. Felsmann & Tiley | Yin/Yang

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