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Ibiza Motoring Antics

Motoring expert Rex Barker – he's watched every episode of Top Gear – has a driving story that could only happen in Ibiza...........

It was happy hour for the San Jose constabulary on Wednesday night when one of their patrols found itself in an 'arrest-one-get-two-free' situation. The boys in blue were at their normal surveillance spot on the Avenida San Agustin when a random breathalyser check revealed that a motorist, let's call him Curly, was over the limit.

With his car impounded and no way of getting home, Curly rang his mate Larry for a lift. Larry's erratic driving, when he eventually turned up, made the alert cops suspicious, and when breathalysed, was found to be only FIVE times over the limit.

With me still? That's two motors and two drunks so far. Curly and Larry then rang Moe to give them a hand. The police warned Moe not to drive any of the cars, but within an hour had spotted him drunk at the wheel of one of them and promptly arrested him too!

The Three Stooges then spent the night sobering up in the calaboose and were due in front of the beak the following day.

Funny as it is, it's a situation that could have easily ended in tragedy so remember the golden rule where ever you are – clunk click every trip! Oh, and DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE!

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