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Kehakuma/Elrow closing is an inflateable-wielding must

No excuse to miss out on the Kehakuma/Elrow closing party! Here are the five W's to make our case.

Who: Elrow and Kehakuma
What: Flamboyance and frivolity vs underground music Lover
Where: Space Ibiza
When: 26th of September.

Why: There's really no reason why you shouldn't be going to the Elrow/Kehakuma closing party – it's got all the ingredients to be the party of a lifetime with two serious contenders in the underground electronic music scene. Kehakuma on one hand, which approaches the Terrace of Space with a dark and minimal attitude, to the frivolous nature of Elrow on the other, where fancy dress and fun seem to be the key words in their party mantra. A little something for everyone dare I say!

Two for the price of one.

Kehakuma and Elrow have been intertwined ever since Elrow left the shindigs of Privilege, moving instead to the main room of Space where they have been throwing the most colour explosive parties since disco. The great thing about aligning these two parties that are seemingly polar opposites from each other (except their devotion to some serious underground electronic music) is that there's a little something for everyone. For those that like to delve a little deeper into the music we have the Asian tinted Kehakuma - a party that likes to set itself apart by its rep for deep, dark underground music. Shying away from mainstream channels, you can lose yourself for hours on the Kehakuma dance floor with a solid representation of house, deep house, minimal, and tech for the real music buffs. At Elrow, the fancy dress party of the season, you are lured in with fun and frivolity and a very diverse tech-house sound that adds to the chaos and community of what makes Elrow so very special. These could easily be two separate nights in their own right, and yet you only pay for one, with the convenience of skipping between as much as you like.

Inflatable Lalaland

Let's not kid ourselves here, anyone that says they aren't interested after hearing the words inflatables and party together must be living in complete denial. With a penchant for the eccentric and unexplainable, Elrow has fast become synonymous with that happy place called inflatable lalaland. Dishing out incredible amounts of weird and wonderful inflatables (with a huge explosion of them around the 5:30am mark), Elrow encourages the fun and spontaneous interactions that can only be provided by appreciating that inflatable squid hat or some volley action with beach balls flying around left right and center. Fun and uninhibited entertainment stand key to this crazy night out!

F is for Fancy Dress

Did someone say fancy dress? Fancy dress gives people a chance to escape their conventional side and really let loose the innermost sparkly version of themselves. Elrow has always prided itself in activating the dormant Egyptian or alien inside of you and manages to do so in a flurry of confetti, themed parties and fancy dress. With lots of props being thrown about, pre-dress is not necessary but definitely approved of, and why not take that chance to get extra silly and fully involved with your alter ego. Don't be afraid to let your inner Walter the Sailorman out to play!

International Beehive

Unlike many of the UK flavoured nights touring Ibiza, Elrow and Kehakuma draw a largely international and cosmopolitan crowd, creating a true mishmash of countries, cultures, ages, flavours and tastes which always result in the best parties! With Elrow originating in Barcelona, it attracts a wealth of Spanish followers who aren't afraid to swing their hips and let loose on the dance floor, whilst Kehakuma next door draws an international crowd solely through their forward thinking and avant garde music policy, attracting all the cool kids in the scene that wanna catch the hottest music before it hits the mainstream.

Sonic Escapism

Both Elrow and Kehakuma have strong standing line-ups that attract even the most music savvy crowd, but especially Kehakuma has seen its early bookings rise to the top of DJ stardom, and for the closing they have outdone themselves again. This year Los Suruba, Fritz Kalkbrenner (live), Tania Vulcano b2b Jose De Divina, and resident DJ Javi Bora are there to take you on a sonic crusade through the best in minimal, house and techno. Whilst Elrow have cooked up a line-up consisting of Art Department, Anja Schneider, Marc Maya, De La Swing, Toni Varga, George Privatti and Mario Biani. Let your ears be pampered by the music and allow for some serious sonic escapism!

WORDS | Maya Dupont PHOTOGRAPHY | James Chapman and Elrow

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