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Carthaginians vs Romans - battle on the beach of San Antonio

The battle of the tomatoes.


Samstag 7 Sep 2019
Ab: 18:00

Wo: San Antonio Bucht, Ibiza

Within the celebrations of the Patron Saint of San Antonio, arrives the epic and traditional battle between Carthaginians and Romans on S'Arenal beach in the bay of San Antonio.

At 18:00 the armies gather: the Carthaginians at San Antonio Townhall and the Romans at the parking of El Ruedo, right on the bay where they'll wait the Carthaginians to arrive. After a small parade, the battle begins at 19:30. Of course is not a real battle, but a tomato war.

Afterwards, there will be a BBQ for winners and losers alike, followed by free live concerts with local bands The Moonshine Band and Joven Dolores. Finally, the party will end with a fireworks display.

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