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Things to do this month in Ibiza - February 2016

Our choice picks for the month

February is now with us and so too is the unseasonal sun. Now really is time to get booking a short (or long) break before all the hordes start to arrive. There's always plenty to do in winter and Ibiza Spotlight is your source for all kinds of fun, activity and adventure. Make sure you check out our hotels, villas and apartments pages for great accommodation deals.

Live music and fun turns

One of the best places for live music in Ibiza Town; this place has been going for the past 30 years and events are free. Expect a wide variety of styles from funk to jazz to soul, blues, rock and Latin rhythms. It has been the stage for artists that later went on to achieve international recognition, including Kym Mazzelle and even Kool and the Gang. The weekly Cocktail de Risas features some top stand up comedy in Spanish, great for more advanced learners of the language or those looking to expose themselves more. Manu Gorriz is on this Thursday 4 February with a different comedian every week. Don't fancy a language lesson, simply turn up on any of the other nights for some great music without attitude.

Carnival time

It's February and so it's carnival time on the island. Ibiza may not have the biggest carnival events in Spain, which has some of Europe's biggest ones, but enthusiasm is infused in everything that's done in Ibiza. The carnival processions are a joy to see with all their colour and animation and these are definitely the highlights of all the carnival events. Local dance and music schools get involved putting on carefully choreographed floats with themes like Frozen and Aladdin and whilst prizes for best float and best costumes are fought over, mostly people do it for the love of the carnival. The first parade is the biggest on 7 February in Ibiza Town, Santa Eulalia and San Antonio all have their own events too.

Tis the season to get picking

February is the time when the locals get out and about to get themselves some of the delicious wild foods that are in season right now, including wild asparagus and chard. You'll see both by the roadside, next to old stone walls and walking in the countryside. Fruit and veg stalls will sell them too if you haven't the time and just want to try. There are private organised walks being run too by Ibiza Explora on which you can learn about the flora, fauna and history of the land. It's best if you have a little Spanish for these walks, though Jaime who runs these walks assures us that he has had tourists from the UK, Germany, France and Italy. You can mail him at for more info.

More music in the city

Sa Qüestió in Ibiza Town is another place for some swinging beats with its regular set of musical events each month. There's a Grease musical singalong on Saturday 6 February and some delicious soul music from Skyts on Saturday 20 February. During the week there are regular events each Monday with Open Mic, where you can show your singing talents or you can tell jokes or recite a monologue if your Spanish is good. Then on Thursdays there's a Flamenco Jam evening and on Sundays a changing musical jam session, with the last one delving into jazz. All start at 9.30pm and are guaranteed to beat any winter blues. See their Facebook page for more details.

Violeta Galera art exhibition

Ibiza's history as a refuge for artists can be seen in lots of mini-exhibits across the island. The long-established Can Jordi bar in San José is showing an exhibition of works from Madrid artist and island resident Violeta Galera until 29 February. Expect a series of films exploring surrealism in which colour and symbolism express the multifaceted talent of the artist in question. Violeta has done live painting shows in Heart restaurant and also has a stall at Las Dalias market. The exhibition runs until 29 February 7am-10pm (Mon-Fri) and 7am-6pm (Saturday).

Game on

The Ortiz family have been running El Cigarral restaurant in Ibiza Town forever. They also did seasonal menus before they became fashionable again, plus they source food locally and from mainland Spain: beef from Asturias or game from the mountains around Toledo. Until 14 February the restaurant is running its Gastro Days wild game event, which it has been doing for the last 20 years. There's hare, pheasant, quail and rabbit and even cured venison salami. The restaurant has won many prizes for its food on a national level and it boats a fine wine cellar with over 200 wines to go with all types of dishes. This is truly a foodie event.

We hope you get to try one or two of our suggested items. Look out for next month's Things to do this month in Ibiza for our March selection.

WORDS: Julian Heathcote

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