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Fiestas de San Carlos

The annual San Carlos festival (Fiestas de San Carlos) celebrations for 2019 are now underway with a series of exciting events running from now until 24 November.

Every Donnerstag, Freitag, Samstag, Sonntag from 13 Okt 2019 until 24 Nov 2019
Ab: 10:00

Wo: San Carlos, Ibiza

The fiesta runs from 13 October until 24 November.

The most important day is the 04th November - with celebrations in honour of the Patron Saint San Carlos.

10:30 - Exhibition of old cars and motorcycles.
11:00 - All Saints Mass with the Parochial Choir and the assistance of elders and authorities. 12:00 - XXXVIII tribute to those over 80, at the Plaza de la Iglesia.
12:30 - Performance by the Colla de Ball Pagès of Sant Carles de Peralta and the invited group Cultural Association “A Marola” de Mera, municipality of Oleiros (La Coruña).
14:00 - Food tribute for those over 80, in the Rest. Cala Leña.
20:30 - Concert: Post It
22:00 - Concert: Celtas Cortos
23:30 - Music with resident DJ Toni de sa Caseta.

Dowload the full programme here.